These Hell's Passengers Made Flying a Nightmare

Although first-class travel is a luxury, who can say no to a good deal? Flying economy offers free coffee and the opportunity to mix with the crowds.

Usually, everything is a fun time. When it comes to insane fellow passengers, though, all bets are off!

La La Land-Landing

On a lengthy journey, finding a comfortable napping posture is no easy task. The majority of individuals have experienced the seat and lived to tell the tale. One guy developed a way to extend his bones into the sky here!

Instagram / @blcksmth

Why not try the aisle itself? Emotional support monkey in hand, eye mask on tight, he's now getting all the REM he needs. No one will dare to disrupt his beauty sleep, he declares!

It's All About the Comfort

It's true that soaring through the air might be disconcerting. The flight attendant, on the other hand, instructs everyone to remain calm and relaxed in their seats. What is this person doing, against all odds, with their feet in the air? This could never happen on a private flight, as one witness points out.
Instagram / @passengershaming

But, once again, this is a matter of economics. This isn't even a coach! Anything may happen in these inexpensive seats. Both the sane and the deranged are eligible to purchase a ticket. And now it's time to unwind for at least a few hours!

Salon in the Clouds

There's nothing like a manicure to make you feel lovely and rejuvenated, but that doesn't seem like an affordable option. These passengers will never know what's going on in first class. One of them, though, has decided to make the best of the situation today. Self-care should begin right now!


What is the difference between filing and shaping? Check. What's the difference between pushing and clipping? Yes and yes again. Any attempt to apply a layer of polish, on the other hand, may eventually draw the ire of fellow passengers. The smell of opening a bottle is very intense and chemical!

Bird's Eye View

Despite popular belief, turkeys are not merely large chickens. According to scientists, 45 million years of evolution separate the two delectable creatures. However, both can only move in brief bursts. Today marks a watershed moment in turkey history: one bird has chosen to adapt and evolve!

Reddit / MaryPErickson

When one of the passengers turned around to see what all the giggling and wobbling was about, they were met with this expression. A turkey has decided to take up residence in the cabin, right in front of our eyes. It will be an adventure to take off with steel wings, especially for this flightless bird!

Toss the Bird at Her

What do you think this is, a white parrot? It is a cockatoo, especially a white one. This medium-sized talker hails from Indonesia's lush jungles. Adopters might expect to pay roughly $2000 for them. Maybe that's why this lady held her pricey pet so close to her on the plane!

Imgur / UsmanMalik74

While it may make financial sense, having to listen to squawking for hours on end can't be enjoyable. Polly wants a cracker, regardless of whether the snack cart has any. Hopefully, this wasn't a transatlantic flight!

Please don't tickle me, bro.

Sure, there's a stereotype about filthy hippies out there. People claim that such dreadlocks are never washed. As it turns out, critics aren't entirely incorrect about the situation. Dreads absorb germs, mold, smoke, and pollen from the air, according to stylists. In a manner, they're sponges!

Reddit / iLoveLamp_xox

That's ultra bad news for this passenger today. Although a seat has been purchased with standard legroom, there's a bit of an intrusion here. Creeping backwards as the flight progresses, this hairdo is just not staying in its lane. Yikes, and yuck!

Oozing at 10,000 Feet

Resisting the urge to go pimple popping is a hard one. Dermatologists tell patients not to do it at home. It can lead to permanent scarring and infection on the face! Seems like the cure might be worse than the disease. But who's keeping track, really.


Today, one traveler is unable to stop indulging in a good squeeze. Just a little bit of pressure and a lot of throbbing pain will be relieved in no time. People are just an arm's length away, only in every direction. Hopefully, nothing flies out of this one!

Monkey Watch, Monkey Act

Scientists have verified that humans and primates share more than 90% of their DNA. Monkeys are related, even if they don't have the same excellent looks! In terms of conduct, they have a lot in common: They are inquisitive creatures who like exploring and investigating how things function. One monkey is both bored and enthusiastic today.

Facebook / PassengerShaming

The lights and vents in the ceiling are rather fascinating. There's nothing else like it in the woods, after all. A short inspection reveals the source of all that cold air and why things have become so chilly. This tiny thinker isn't wasting his time!

What Is That Odor?

Sure, after a frantic rush to the airport, your feet might feel extremely hot. Passengers can finally breathe a sigh of relief after official boarding. Today, though, they will be smelling a fragrance they have never encountered before. And it's all thanks to this ingenious gentleman who took advantage of central air!

Instagram / @passengershaming

People here are attempting to convince themselves that their in-flight lunches are tasty. It isn't a four-star establishment, but it is typically palatable. There's only one thing that can make you vomit, and it's occurring slowly but gradually. It's not a good idea to dine in with a foot odor all around the cabin!

Wet and Untamed

For most individuals, doing laundry in the air is impossible. But this passenger isn't like the rest of us. He's resourceful, and he's determined to make efficient use of all available time and space. The simple answer is to hang damp garments to dry aboard the plane! Why hasn't this been worked out by more travelers?

Instagram / @passengershaming

It's possible that it's against the social code. He's probably mistaken if he believes no one realized they're suddenly encircled by dripping from above. It's only been 15 minutes, yet there's already a mutiny brewing!

Happy Feet

Here's something new: Around 200 different forms of fungus have been detected on human foot, according to scientists. They discovered 80 kinds in the heel, 60 in toenail trimmings, and 40 in the space between the toes. Yes, the feet are veritable dumping grounds for all kinds of garbage!


With all that new knowledge, it's easy to understand how frightening this flight truly is. Today, one passenger is getting up close and personal with a pair of strange feet. Is this what she signed up for? Unlikely. But now, there's no escape! Hours of gnarly tow action, coming right up.

All Pooped Out

Sure, most folks try to get some shut-eye in their seats. But there is one sitting area no one talks about as a comfortable alternative. The toilet of the air may just be seen as a place to relax the bowels. But there is endless relaxation potential, and it's currently underrated!

Instagram / @blcksmth

With a neck rest, it's almost easy to ignore the stinky situation and get some z's. At least for this fellow, anyway! Is the flight attendant amused to find the sneaky napper, though? By the looks of it, not really!

Double Trouble

Modern life can be hectic: Workaholics fly all over the world to get the job done, these days. To get that extra labor in, there's much to do on the flight itself. Here, one man decided to multiply his effectiveness with two computers. There's just one little problem for his seatmate!

Imgur / Speerosity

Sure, it makes sense to use all available space on a cramped plane. But it seems this frequent flier has gone too far! Balancing his second screen on someone else's tray is terrible form. What a vacation villain!

No Pain, No Gain

According to fitness experts, taking just a few weeks off from exercising won't ruin strength. Humans really have about a month to get lazy before things start taking a real hit. Good news, for most people. Athletes lose muscle faster though! Is this old man just a jock at heart?

Instagram / @passengershaming

Perhaps he is. Pushups on the floor do seem like a good use of space. Unless of course, there are other people on the flight. Or pilots. Or flight attendants. What are the odds that he is not actually alone on board?

That 1,000 Yard Stare

According to actor Nick Offerman: “Let the others go first. At the airport, at the grocery store, at the Pleasure Chest (hey-o!). The calmer I become, the more I enjoy my day. The more I enjoy my day, the more people enjoy me and the more they want to see me in my enjoyment.” And who would have guessed it, but here he is!

Reddit / texacer

A funny man, fans agree. But there's just no way to escape the terror of getting stuck next to him on a flight. His heart may be in the right place. But that signature gaze is pure terror, on the ground or in the air!

Secret Stowaway

It's hard enough to have arguments about service dogs and emotional support ponies on public transportation, these days. But here, someone may have tried to bring on a very different critter to enjoy the flight. And now, it has escaped into the aisle!

Twitter / @MarkRWheeler2

A giant spider on the loose is no fun to see outside, or inside. But trapped in a narrow metal tube, it's probably even less welcome. One brave traveler was able to trap it inside an even more narrow can. Thankfully so: The itsy bitsy spider this is not!

Pod Life

People may joke about it, but the life of a germophobe is a constant challenge. It's not possible to just opt out, when sticky situations appear. Crowded spaces are required to work and participate in life, and microbes are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere!

Facebook / PassengerShaming

This woman has taken a creative approach to avoid all that nasty second-hand air on board. Flights are full of sneezes, coughs, and recirculation. It's downright terrifying for those who like things sterile. Inside this plastic contraption, nothing will be bothering her during the trip. Very innovative!

Best Foot Forward

It's hard to say what is the dirtiest thing out there, but doorknobs usually make the list. Imagine all the hands involved with just one! Of course, smartphones are at the top of the same list. More than 25,000 bacteria per square inch are on that screen. All the time, all those germs.

Twitter / @KildayMorgan

But has anyone really thought about the in-flight touch screens? This photo shows that a good wipe down might be necessary before enjoying all the movies on board. Strangers out there are using toes, and it isn't an illegal act yet!

Snakes on a Plane

Zoologist is a commendable profession, everyone would agree. Few go into the field, though. Maybe it's just hard to live a normal life and travel with so much responsibility for the creatures. What's an animal researcher supposed to do, when they want to have fun in the sun?

News 24

Obviously, the answer is smuggling. Here, all the precious snakes and lizards are alive in bottles and bags. Scary stuff! Whoever was unlucky enough to hear the hissing from the above stage compartment probably gave this person away. Check that poisonous bag, and remove it quick!

Plastic Spastic

Sure, it can be scary to travel during the time of COVID-19. Experts advised going maskless, at first. Then, they mandated them! Here, one passenger has decided to go one step further than the controversy. Encased completely in a bag, he has a novel plan to survive the germs!


Some might say it's a bit excessive to travel in a bubble. Some might call it totally OCD. But this fellow doesn't care, since it doesn't violate any rules. To each his own, he shouts, even if it's a bit weird!

Screen Test

Flying can be a temperature nightmare. Going from one hot, tropical destination to a cold city across the world requires a little wardrobe prep. This woman decided to bring a jacket, just in case the runway is chilly. But where is she supposed to store it, for now?

Twitter / @AviationWG

Clearly, her solution has annoyed another flier. For many, free movies are the best part of a flight! Here, the trip is ten hours. Under normal conditions, that means at least three or four titles can be accomplished. But so far with this blockage, it's not happening at all!

Totally Pissed

The airplane bathroom is pretty tiny, compared to what most people are used to. It may be one step up from a port-o-potty, but not very far! For parents flying with kids, it's probably too cramped for assistance inside. Why not plan ahead with a mobile pee station instead?


Here, one family on board did exactly that. But did they do the right thing and dispose of the evidence? Of course not. Right in the corner, open urine is sloshing around for all to see and experience. If there is any turbulence on this flight, things are bound to get slippery!

Hello, Cello

Classical music may have gone out of style as mainstream entertainment, but there are still those who practice their craft. The violin is easy enough to transport on a bus, a plane, or a train. Even a bike! But what about the rest of the players in the symphony? Surely, they travel too!

Imgur / garethkalber

Here, a cello professional tried to be considerate. He bought an extra ticket for his instrument — really, his baby. It seems the flight attendants didn't like the idea of not checking it with the rest of his luggage. But someone let him pay for it, and the deed is done!

Boxers or Briefs

What kind of underwear does a man really prefer? There's no question like it, and the answer is out in the open today. One flier is not interested in hiding the truth under his shorts anymore. He wants everyone to know he is a boxers kind of guy. And not just plain-colored, either!


What kind of print is it, though? Tiny moose, or a polo player on a horse? The design could be improved. But as long as they are visible to horrified passengers, they work as a good reservation item to steal this seat!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

Sometimes, sharing is caring. Sometimes, things are better together. Both can be a great way to bond and make new friends. This is not one of those times! A large object has appeared above the heads of other passengers on the flight. How do they feel about this big, bold intrusion?

Facebook / PassengerShaming

A great question, and it's time for some answers. Everyone has their preference. But this time, they're really not being asked. The decision to bring this on board must violate some TSA rule. And if not, it's high time to write some new ones! How did an XL, one-eyed monster even sneak in without a ticket?

Bad Hair Day

Whether it's United Airlines or JetBlue, most companies have free movies to watch during flights. American Airlines also lets travelers stream entertainment to a phone or tablet if, they prefer. Today, this victim might just have to take them up on their offer!

Twitter / @okimstillhungry

Inconsiderate as it may be, the female flier has decided to block his view. She has no plans to let a trip ruin her 'do, and she's letting her locks go wild. For now, he has a book for fun. But a few hours in, and things could get hairy!

Total Douchebag

Sometimes, it's hard to hold it in. The line for a public bathroom might not line up with the timeline of everyone waiting. What's a full bladder to do, when times get tough? On one flight, the answer was found. Unfortunately, the bag, was, too!

Facebook / PassengerShaming

Without gloves, the sad job of collecting passenger trash has fallen to this flight attendant today. Perhaps it wasn't clear when she first picked it up. But held up in the bright lights, there's no denying it. No one would blame her if she is pissed off!

Pearly White Flight

According to the American Dental Association, people really should brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time — and with fluoride toothpaste, as the best bet. Here, one traveler is just doing his best to take their advice. On long flights, there is bound to be mouth gunk building up!

Instagram / @princesslala90

The observer in this case was actually a dentist. He was happy to see a member of the public taking tooth hygiene seriously. Few do, in truth! But it's a little gross, right here in the aisle. Try the bathroom next time, buddy!

Sleepy or Creepy

Sure, airplane seats are a little stiff. And not everyone is capable of sleeping in the same position, in general. Some people prefer being on their backs all night, while others require a trip down memory lane to the fetal position. Here, a secret space was found to toss and turn in the sky!

Instagram / @blcksmth

Peacefully napping in the overhead compartment, this guest has overstayed his welcome. Everyone is gone already, except for him! Luckily, the flight attendant discovered him before the plane flew away to the next city. A true professional she is, and talented!

There's No Escape Now

What happens in an emergency, up in the sky? According to the law: ''Each required passenger emergency exit must be accessible to the passengers and located where it will afford the most effective means of passenger evacuation.'' Fair enough, as a concept. But are people on board supposed to use it, willy nilly?

Instagram / @blcksmth

One crazed man has decided to leap out of the plane in midair. It's totally not allowed, as many would expect. The captain is not having it, also as many would expect. Conflict ensues, all captured on film!

Hair Scare

Everyone's been there before. It's time for takeoff, and there's nothing to read besides those in-flight glossy magazines. Usually, it's a trick: They're just ads for gadgets no one wants or needs! This fellow is absolutely ready to browse all kinds of products he never desired before.

Instagram / @passengershaming

Yet, he has been thwarted! What kind of monster invades another person's tray space like this? There is just no way to access the goods with all that hair in the way. Soon enough, the TSA will ban long locks. But today is not that day, sir!

Nightmare in the Air

It's no easy task to get shut-eye on a flight. It can be uncomfortable to sleep upright, especially in rigid economy seats. First-class is probably a bit better, but more than a bit more expensive. People settle for what they can afford. But was terror part of the package deal?

Reddit / stefanobettega

Here, one flier woke up to see this googly-eyed monster staring right back at them. Getting back to reality, it's clear a child is just trying to have a bit of fun. But in the haze right after dreamworld, it can be hard to tell!

Too Close for Comfort

It's not fun snoozing upright, for the human body. On a plane, there is an option to slightly tilt the seat back for relaxation. But it's still less than relaxing, for most. Engineers did their best to maximize space. But still, there seems to be one area of oversight they missed!

Reddit / general_chaos

When one flier leans back, it's a smoosh party! Now passenger number two has even less room. Should he trap the person behind him as well? Hopefully soon, he will notice he can just scoot over one seat!

Relax, Don't Do It

Time for a real meal on board in the sky. Kick back, put your feet up, they said. Take off your shoes and let things air out, they advised. Or did they? Actually, they did not. And this woman needs to stop claiming they did!

Twitter / @KildayMorgan

This is an ugly situation, and everyone is trapped. Not only does she not have the decency to keep her socks on, she is touching things in the cabin with her twinkle toes. No one consented to this in the fine print! Flight attendants, is this allowed?

If the Shoe Fits

According to some intriguing stats, the average height for an American man is around 5 feet 9 inches tall. Perhaps airplanes were designed with this in mind. But an average means there are plenty of people above and below a number. This giant is having real trouble with the suggested legroom!


It's tough being too big, sometimes. A solution for this trip found, though. He simply stretches his legs forward, onto the armrests ahead. As long as no one has purchased the seat, it might just work out for a few ergonomic hours!

Modern Art Show

A lot has changed since the days of Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Pop art legend Andy Warhol once explained: ''An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have.'' Today, one youngster has taken his words to heart. What has been produced here, against the will of the airlines?

Facebook / PassengerShaming

Skeptics might call this a scribbly mess. But the young visionary clearly has his own ideas about aesthetics. Using every color of the rainbow, he has made Jackson Pollack look simple. And like all genius, it's rarely appreciated in its time. What are the odds this didn't result in a fat fine?

Birds Take Flight

Not really the average flight, is it? The passengers all seem to have one thing in common, and it's more than just their feathers and blindfolds. They seem to all be destined for one place: When a Saudi Prince orders 80 falcons to be transported, he goes with United Arab Emirates luxury. Thanks, Etihad Airways!

Facebook / @zambianherald

It looks like they have been made as comfortable as possible, under the circumstances. But what about the human passengers, seated nearby? All the squawking must be driving them crazy. And there's no turning back, at this point!

Hush Little Baby

It's an unconventional move, but Japan Airlines wants to help passengers who want to avoid crying babies. The company explained: "Passengers traveling with children between 8 days and 2 years old, who select their seats on the JAL website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen.'' The farther away, the better!

Twitter / @mashionpk
This is no Japanese Airlines flight, though. The captain himself has come ouut of his little room to see what he can do about the commotion. With his signature technique, he calms the disturbance. Lullabies are powerful things, even on a plane!

Ruff Ruff, Captain!

This passenger seems unable to stay in his seat. Sniffing around, licking other passengers, and even barking at times, this cannot be the first-class relaxation anyone paid for. And what's more, he has wandered all the way up to the pilot. A distraction, to be sure. And against all regulations, too!

Facebook / @jasatravel.agancy

Now, it seems he is even impersonating the pilot himself. In many states, that's a serious crime. Pretending to be any type of airline employee can a person in jail for up to three years. The only question is, are doggos exempt?

The Bold and the Bottled

The corona pandemic really led to a lot of new, strange sights at airports around the world. With mask requirements and shaky science rumors, some contraptions were pretty Twitter-worthy. Exhibit A! Woe be unto the person who has to sit next to these space wasters.

Twitter / @AnthonyAKung

At the Hong Kong MTR, one family is seen strolling through the halls with a virus innovation never formally recommended by anyone. Giant plastic bottles cover their heads, and it doesn't look like they were designed for comfort! These extreme measures may seem odd. But still, better than nothing?

Sleepy, Dreamy, Famous

It turns out that Nicholas Cage is quite willing to travel with the little people. This woman is pretty energetic upon discovering her seat buddy. What about Nick, though? This might just be the flight from hell for an actor trying to relax in between the camera attacks.

Twitter / @NickdeSemlyen

Legend says a new Cage meme is created with every photo. And this seemingly mundane event is no different. The actor looks groggy and worn down, with little personal space. He only half realizes he's about to be on the internet, yet again. Maybe that's why he's cooperating!

Paper Or Plastic?

Pictures of people wearing crazy face masks made from God knows what has been appearing everywhere online. Social media has quite the collection, it seems! This family has made it to the hall of fame, surely. What a strategy, right? The frightened passengers on board will have to weigh in on that one, and soon.

Twitter / @geofflo610

A close look reveals that man, woman, and child are covered in giant bags, plastic to be safe. Is it 100% safe? No way, Jose. Is it 100% creative? For sure! Bon voyage, brave mystery family.

Orange You Funny

Worldwide shortages of good quality face masks have caused all kinds of innovation. Chinese locals started to take desperate measures to fight COVID-19, and many decided anything was better than nothing. This man found solace in an orange! Will he make the flight more fragrant, in a few minutes?

The Sun

Maybe. But he is more likely to inspire terror from the children. Perhaps he can explain his plan to ward off infection with vitamin C. Probably not foolproof, but necessity is the mother of invention. An orange a day keeps the doctor away, so they say! Or do they?

Darth Vader Arrives

Darth Vader made his way to arrivals, right to his faithful stormtroopers. They were more than pleased to see their leader arrive, and greeted him with enthusiasm. They even have a cute little sign! But realistically, this passenger must have been pretty freaky for those traveling on board.

Reddit / superfly355

Truthfully, no one really knows how the dark lord of Star Wars would behave on an airplane. It's not his usual mode of transportation, given all the high tech. But with an obvious history of world domination, murder, and space mischief, few want to find out in first-class!

Happy Feet on Board

When exotic bird hunters poached these Humboldt penguins, conservationists were alarmed. Luckily, they caught on and decided to send home the little guys back home. Normally, they live in South Africa. But how can they quickly get back to their natural habitat?


Option one would be to send them home on a boat. But that takes oh-so-long. Instead, someone purchased tickets for a plane, a hobby they don't usually get to do as flightless birds. The TSA treated these waddlers with dignity, as they should. But there's going to be a problem very soon. Wild animals are not potty trained!

A Noble Protest

Now this one was a close call. In this case, passengers were saved from a trip sitting by this semi-naked lady. What is she doing, dressed like that in public, and right in front of the children? As it turns out, there was a method to her madness. She gave an interview when she was barred from the flight!


Like many people secretly want to, this woman is calling out the TSA. She hasn't enjoyed the pat-downs since 9-11, and she is making it known in a way that cannot be ignored. Not today, TSA!

Put a Cap on it

As Coldplay once sang: ''I took my turn. What a thing to have done. And it was all yellow.'' Was this grammy-winning Britsh group referring to this picture, right here? The evidence is in, right on the plane seat. Someone brave needs to own it!

Facebook / PassengerShaming

But it's unlikely to happen, at this point. There are any number of reasons a man may take an unconventional whiz on the go. But the water bottle technique is usually reserved for long road trips without bathrooms for miles. On a plane, there's really no excuse!

Say Cheese

As they say, you're never fully dressed without a smile. Hollywood seeks the best of the best, in this department for the movies. And pearly whites are the first thing that others notice, up close and personal. Today, there has been a real dental disaster, discovered during cleanup. Whose teeth are these?

Facebook / PassengerShaming

Undoubtedly an old person is missing their chompers. Why the separation? It may have just been more comfortable to take them out for the flight. But forgetting them on board is an amateur mistake. Dentures are not cheap to misplace!

Just Poking Around

Personal space can be a tricky thing, on crowded public transportation. Whether it's the subway or the bus, there are always strange arms and legs around. On planes, passengers pay a premium to have their very own seats. But that doesn't stop nosy neighbors, does it?


Some people just don't respect boundaries. On a plane, there are clearly define seats and aisles. Here, someone has decided to invade the back row. Hands-off is a good rule of thumb, with all strangers. And in a confined space, it's never been truer!

Pissing Everyone Off

It's to hard to understand the daily challenges of being a parent in the toddler years. Observers can be judgemental, without realizing some moms and dads are just doing the best they can. For example, at age three, kids need to wee around 12 times a day. How does that work out, on a long flight?

Facebook / PassengerShaming

In this case, it worked out right in the aisle. In plain view, horrified onlookers are witnessing a toilet trip up closer and personal. It's outrageous! But potty training waits for no one. Better in a seat than on the seat, right?

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