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The 3 Reasons You Can’t Sleep, and We Found the Solution (It’s Not Melatonin!)

Tossing and turning? Mind racing? Can't seem to fall asleep? We've been there. Thankfully, we found the solution that may surprise you.

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It’s four in the morning and you’re tossing and turning. No matter what you try, from ear plugs to black out curtains, you just can’t seem to be able to fall back asleep. Your legs are restless and your mind is racing. Sound familiar?

It’s quite common to have difficulty sleeping through the night, especially as you get older. Despite being a widespread issue, trouble sleeping can feel endless, isolating, frustrating, and hopeless. It tends to be a vicious cycle, with sleepless nights causing stress resulting in more sleepless nights.

Something’s gotta give, right? Everyone goes to bed wishing for eight solid hours, so how is it possible that so many of us struggle to succeed? And why hasn’t medical science done more to address this problem?

Luckily on that front, we have good news. We searched high and low to find the best sleep aid on the market and after lots of trial and error, we’ve finally found it! Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release is a nutritional supplement that helps you fall and stay asleep, overcoming some of the major issues with other sleep aids.

Find out how Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release can help you achieve the sleep you’ve been day-dreaming of.

Healthy Directions

Why Can’t I Sleep Through the Night?

First up, let’s address the sleepless elephant in the room. Why do so many of us struggle to get through the night? There are a variety of reasons why you might be having trouble falling and staying asleep, but these are three of the most common.

1. Too Much Stress

It seems like so many issues our bodies face come down to stress. Bad day at the office? Stress. Heart problems? Stress. Over-eating? Stress. Aging? Stress. Sleep issues are no exception. Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors to why we have trouble sleeping.

Whether it’s physical or mental, stress puts pressure on our central nervous systems, causing the production of stress hormones. These hormones make us tense, causing our heart rates and breathing to increase rapidly.

In the absence of distractions, our minds are free to race, worrying about tomorrow before it even arrives. In short, it makes it really hard to sleep.

What’s worse, a lack of sleep can cause the production of even more stress hormones, as overtiredness signals that same ‘fight or flight’ mode to our nervous systems. It’s a brutal cycle, one we’re sure you’re familiar with if you’re reading this article.

2. Natural Process of Aging

As we get older, our bodies naturally start to produce less melatonin, the hormone released by the pineal gland that regulates sleep, in response to darkness. It’s ironic, isn’t it? At the moment in our lives when we start working long hours, taking on more responsibilities, and getting up earlier, we have more trouble falling and staying asleep.

A lack of melatonin can lead to trouble falling asleep in the first place, disturbances in the middle of the night, or waking up hours before the alarm clock.

3. Irregular Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is just a fancy way of saying your 24-hour sleep cycle. Everybody has an internal clock of sorts; a little alarm system within that tells us it’s time to wake up, eat, go to sleep, and stay asleep. Plants and animals of all kinds have their own circadian rhythm. Flowers bloom and nocturnal animals come out at night all thanks to their circadian cycle.

This rhythm can be surprisingly fickle, with factors like lighting, time zones, and snoring having a huge influence over its health. Even one late night on the town can have lingering effects. Our bodies are specifically designed to acquaint darkness with sleep. That’s part of the reason why it can be so hard for us to conquer a bad case of jet lag or to work night shifts.

If your circadian rhythm is off, sleep can feel impossible.

Healthy Directions

The Solution to Restless Nights

Sleepless nights can be maddening, leading to long, frustrating days. The good news is if you’re experiencing trouble sleeping, there are solutions.

You’ve probably heard of people taking melatonin supplements to help fall asleep. That said, if you’ve ever taken melatonin, you may have found that it doesn’t go far enough.

That’s where Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release comes in.

How Does Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release Work?

This incredible supplement is the solution for restless nights we’ve been waiting for. The secret is formulated into its dual-layer extended-release tablets.

Like other sleep supplements, Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release reintroduces melatonin into our system but it also addresses the other factors that keep us up at night, like stress. Let’s take a closer look at all the ingredients.

  • Melatonin: Given what we know about how melatonin regulates sleep, it makes sense that replenishing our bodies’ supply would help alleviate irregularities. But many supplements have WAY too much melatonin, which can cause grogginess, or even overwhelm your body’s melatonin receptors so it stops working over time. The three mg of melatonin present in this product induce sleep, ensuring you’re ready for bed when the time comes.
  • GABA: GABA is the chief inhibitor of central nervous system transmitters, blocking them from signaling to the body that it is in danger. Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release includes GABA in the form of PharmaGABA®, helping to increase feelings of calm and relaxation, support healthy blood pressure, and manage how your body reacts to stress. Another great benefit of PharmaGABA® is that it also reduces nighttime urination. Another reason we lose sleep as we age!
  • L-theanine: Mother nature provides a helpful solution to issues of anxiousness and panic. L-theanine is a unique amino acid naturally occurring in tea plants that has been clinically validated to help individuals have a more relaxed state of mind.

When joined together, these three ingredients contain the welcome solution to restless nights of sleep.

That said, Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release’s real power is in its name. Standard melatonin supplements may help you fall asleep but their effects can decrease over time. We don’t know about you but when we imagine a perfect night’s sleep, it doesn’t include falling asleep at ten and waking up at two, four, and six AM.

When you take this supplement, you immediately receive a dose of GABA and melatonin. Together, they can help you decrease your stress and cortisol levels, reduce your brain activity, and fall asleep. To help you stay asleep, the rest of the supplement is released slowly throughout the night, introducing another dose of melatonin and L-theanine. These help activate your alpha waves and REM sleep — the frequencies in your brain that come alive during sleep — improving sleep quality overall. Get the scoop on the science that makes this supplement so powerful here.

Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release can help you fall asleep faster, sustain sleep throughout the night, and wake up without feeling groggy. How’s that for a sleep solution?

Trust the Positive Reviews

You don’t just need to take our word for it. Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release’s product page is packed with positive reviews from people who are sleeping longer and better than ever before. Check out a few highlights to see if it could potentially help you:

  • “I have searched and purchased countless sleep supplements to overcome not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep. The results have been less than stellar until I tried Restful Night Extended Release. Now, I am able to get to sleep and to easily go back to sleep if I get up at night. I will not be without it from here on out. I would highly recommend this product to friends. Thank you, Dr. Whitaker!”
  • “I don’t want to take prescription sleeping pills because of the cost and side effects. With Restful Night, I don’t have side effects, just a better night’s sleep and the cost is reasonable.”
  • “My experience with Restful Night after almost 30 days has been nothing short of fantastic. I’ve enjoyed a good night’s sleep almost every night, waking with energy and no sluggishness. Thank You!”

Need we say more? Anything that can help this many people reclaim their nighttime routine is one we’re ready to recommend.

Ready to Give a Try?

Does a full night’s sleep feel like a distant dream? Does light sensitivity, stress, or simply aging keep you from sleeping like you used to? Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock and wake up feeling like you barely slept a minute?

Trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why we’re so happy to report that there is a solution that really can help. Give Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release a try and see if these unique, dual-layer extended-release tablets can help you get through the night.
Restful sleep is the best way to reset our bodies so we can take on the demands of our fast paced lives.

Read more about Dr. Whitaker Restful Night™ Extended Release supplements and see if they might be right for you.

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