Football Stud! 5 Things to Know About Bachelorette’s Rodney Mathews

Get to know Bachelorette’s Rodney Mathews, the contestant who got naked on his one-on-one date with Michelle Young — learn more about the former athlete

Baring it all! Fans met Rodney Mathews on the season 18 premiere of The Bachelorette in October — but after his one-on-one date with Michelle Young they will see a whole other side of him.

The 29-year-old contestant is described as a “glass-half-full kind of guy” in his ABC Bio since he was able to “pick himself up” and redirect his “ambition” following a career-ending football injury in college.

When it comes to finding The One, Rodney is searching for an “honest, active and ideally a former student athlete like himself” with whom he can find a deep mental connection” and also “laugh with every day.”

According to his bio, he “knows exactly what he wants and he is looking for someone who has that clear vision too – he’s done wasting time and is ready to be wifed-up!”

The former football player’s ability to laugh with his partner will be put to the test on his first solo date with Michelle, 28, during the Tuesday, November 2, episode of the dating series.

“We are playing Truth or Dare,” the teacher says in a teaser for the episode posted on Saturday, October 30. “He’s shown me his goofy side. I wanna use this time to explore whether this can be a romantic connection.”

In the clip, the Minnesota-born Bachelorette reads a card daring one of the two players to “strip down completely naked” and streak through the hotel lobby.

“The date has been really fun up until this point,” Rodney says while taking off all of his clothes and running around with only a pillow to cover his manhood. “To add salt to the wound, I had my boys watching.”

Hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams popped their heads out during the date and also saw Rodney baring it all for love. The duo screamed for the athlete as Michelle yelled, “This is our journey, Rodney!” in support of her date’s gumption.

Rodney later confessed that it’s “pretty bad when everyone sees you in your birthday suit and it ain’t even your birthday.” He added, “It’s been rough.”

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