Where's Big? ‘SATC’ Fans Are Spiraling Over Pics of Carrie Kissing New Man

When fans last saw Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, they were happily married — read more

Look away, Mr. Big! Sex and the City fans are panicking after Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie Bradshaw was photographed kissing a new man on the set of the upcoming sequel series, And Just Like That.

In two different scenes, Parker, 56, cozies up to Jon Tenney, whose character has yet to be revealed.

When fans last saw Carrie in the 2010 movie Sex and the City 2, she was still married to Chris Noth‘s Mr. Big. In the first promo for the show, which aired in September, the couple appeared to still be married, dancing around the kitchen together and sharing a kiss. She was also spotted filming scenes in Paris with Big, causing some fans to wonder if the scenes with Noth, 66, are actually flashbacks.

Amid the new pics, fans of the original series and the films took to Twitter to react — and they’re pretty worried.

“If Carrie and Big get divorced I don’t even want to watch,” one fan tweeted on Thursday, October 21, while another added, “I’ve just about had it with this Carrie Bradshaw. #teamBIG.”

The HBO Max series, which will follow Carrie and best friends Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) living in the city, will feature many faces from the past — including Big’s ex-wife, Natasha, portrayed by Bridget Moynahan.

“Well obviously, I can’t say anything about the show. But for me looking out on the other side of that window and seeing the girls coming down that Soho street in those costumes with the hair, it just made me like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s back!’ So I am so thankful to be part of it,” the Blue Bloods star, 50, told Entertainment Tonight about her return. “I am so happy they asked me to come back. And it was so fun. It was like going back to a family.”

Candace Bushnell, who wrote the books that the original 1998 show was based on, recently opened up about the series and Big and Carrie’s very messy relationship.

“The reality is, finding a guy is maybe not your best economic choice in the long term. Men can be very dangerous to women in a lot of different ways. We never talk about this, but that’s something that women need to think about: You can do a lot less … when you have to rely on a man,” the Is There Still Sex in the City? author, 62, told the New York Post earlier this month. “The TV show and the message were not very feminist at the end. But that’s TV. That’s entertainment. That’s why people should not base their lives on a TV show.”

She added of the revival: “HBO’s going to make money on it. They’re going to exploit it as much as they can. They rebooted Gossip Girl. If they didn’t reboot Sex in the City, it would be really strange.”

Scroll down to see the new photos of Tenney, 59, and Parker:

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