Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Split Again: What Went Wrong?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss had 'different visions' for their future, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly — details

Clare Crawley Dale Moss What Went Wrong

The roller-coaster continues. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split again because they believed it was what was “best for them,” a source confirmed to Us Weekly on Tuesday, September 28.

The pair, who got engaged in 2020 two weeks after meeting on The Bachelorette, first went their separate ways in January but reconciled one month later. However, after much discussion, they realized their futures don’t align.

“They have different visions and wedding planning wasn’t happening which made Clare really upset,” the source tells Us. “She wants to be in Sacramento to be close to her family, especially her mom who isn’t well. Dale wants to remain in NY. They will still support each other and have love for each other no matter what.”

The former Bachelorette, 40, and the model, 33, fell in love during season 16 of the ABC reality show but have been through many ups and downs ever since.

“She really fell hard for Dale and saw a future with him,” a source told Us in January when the duo split the first time and Crawley claimed to have found out via Moss’ Instagram post. “To have this all blow up in her face has been really difficult. The breakup was hard for the both of them at the end.”

While they got back together — and engaged again — shortly after, a separate insider confirmed that they were “still working on some issues they have to overcome” despite appearing happy on social media.

“They’re more private when it comes to their issues,” a source told Us in July. “The good thing is that they’re happy together and enjoying this time as an engaged couple. They love each other very much and care for each other.”

The hairstylist, who appeared on The Bachelor, two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Winter Games, has always been open about wanting to find lasting love.

Viewers criticized her fast engagement to Moss, but she didn’t let any of that get to her at the time.

“My question would be to the people that are saying that — to the people that question it — what exactly is the formula for falling in love?” she told Us in an exclusive interview in October 2020. “Is there one way to do it? Is there one example of this is how it’s done? … Who are these people to decide how long it takes somebody to fall in love? Is it a week? Is it a month? Is it a year? Is it two years?”

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