You Can Rent the 'Nine Perfect Strangers' House for $5,000 a Night: Photos

The Byron Bay mansion that stands in for Tranquillum House on 'Nine Perfect Strangers' is now available to rent — see the photos

Specially tailored juice program not included. The real-life mansion that stands in for Tranquillum House on Hulu’s series Nine Perfect Strangers is available to rent for your next vacation.

In the show, the luxurious retreat is located in the fictional town of Cabrillo, California, but the real wellness center — called Soma — is in Byron Bay in the Australian state of New South Wales. Sitting on 22 acres of lush rainforest, the property has 10 bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms and a formal dining room that seats 18 people.

According to the Airbnb listing, the entire Soma property is rentable for around $5,000 a night, with space for up to 16 guests. Some of the home’s amenities include a fire pit, infinity pool, infrared sauna, magnesium ice bath, zen garden and a geodesic dome for yoga practice. Guests can also hire additional staff for massages, meditation courses and bodywork sessions.

Like the on-screen Tranquillum House, Soma offers occasional wellness retreats that incorporate meditation and yoga, but without the mysterious Russian guru Masha played by Nicole Kidman. Cofounded by entrepreneurs Gary Gorrow and Peter Ostick, Soma’s website describes the center as “a sanctuary tucked in the hills away from civilization” designed “with the intention of creating a space to recharge your batteries.”

That is more or less the same goal espoused by Masha on Nine Perfect Strangers, but as viewers know, Masha’s methods are significantly more sinister. In the most recent episodes, her guests — played by Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Regina Hall and Bobby Cannavale, among others — discovered that the willowy founder has been microdosing them with psilocybin, a.k.a. magic mushrooms.

In the series, based on Liane Moriarty‘s novel of the same name, Masha also spies on her visitors from a command center hidden inside the house and maintains strict control over her employees. During filming, Kidman stayed in character as Masha between takes and continued to speak in her Russian accent even at home.

“Strangely enough, the first time I met everyone I walked in as Masha, and I never related to anybody in any other way,” she told Forbes in August. “I only related to them as Masha and stayed in the character. They would talk to me or use my name, Nicole, and I would completely ignore it.”

Keep scrolling to see photos from inside the real-life Tranquillum House:

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