Shanna Moakler’s Dating History: From Dennis Quaid to Travis Barker

Shanna Moakler has been linked to Billy Idol, Travis Barker and Matthew Rondeau and more men over the years — see her dating history

Lucky in love? Shanna Moakler has sparked romance rumors with several men over the years, and she has preferred to be honest when it comes to her love life.

Moakler was linked to Billy Idol in 1997 and years later, she looked back on their relationship fondly.

“He’s not too sweet and sensitive. But he’s a gentleman. He’s got a great mind for history, loves to talk about philosophy, and he is very intelligent. He’s got a kid and is a great father,” she reflected during an interview with ESPN in 2001 about the musician.

Following her split from the rocker, the former reality TV star sparked romance rumors with Oscar De La Hoya in October 1997 and they got engaged one year later. The twosome welcomed daughter Atiana in March 1999, but they called it quits the following year. In December 2020, Moakler sued De La Hoya for $62.5 million, and the case was settled out of court.

Since then, the exes have gotten to a better place as they continue to coparent their child together.

“He and I are super close,” Moakler told Entertainment Tonight in March 2021. “We’re really good friends, and I just think he’s great.”

The model moved on with Dennis Quaid for eight months in 2001 before she met her future husband, Travis Barker.

Moakler and Barker tied the knot in October 2004. They welcomed their son, Landon, in October 2003 and their daughter, Alabama, in December 2005. The family was featured in their own reality show, Meet the Barkers, from 2005 to 2006 before the pair split up following two years of marriage.

Barker claimed that their time on TV caused a shift for Moakler.

“I felt like having the reality show changed Shanna‘s character. Shanna wanted to be an actress, and I felt she started doing things just for the cameras — for attention, or maybe it was just her dramatic personality,” the Blink-182 musician recalled in his 2015 book, Can I Say. “It was turning into a variety show instead of a reality show — and in my mind, she was behaving out of character on camera, which was carrying over to her not being genuine with me.”

The estranged spouses continued to have an on-and-off relationship until they officially got divorced in 2008. Years later, their custody battle turned messy until a court sealed the results of their child custody order in 2018.

Moakler went on to find love with Matthew Rondeau in 2020 while Barker started dating Kourtney Kardashian. Although the former Miss USA supported her ex-husband’s romance at first, she later claimed he was recycling from their past marriage and was worried about her bond with her kids as a result.

“The Kardashians are buying my kids Prada every other day,” Moakler told Us Weekly exclusively in May 2021. “They’re going on lavish trips. They’re doing all these things, which is fine. I think it’s nice that they’re being kind to my kids. I want that for my children.”

The former Playboy playmate noted that she felt a “severe distancing” when it came to her relationship with her children.

“I don’t think it’s great when they put a wedge in between their biological mother,” she told Us.

Moakler explained that her issue with Barker’s relationship had nothing to do with their history because she was happy with Rondeau at the time.

“I’m with my boyfriend, Matthew. I’m super happy. We’re in such a great place and the things that I create with him, I’m not recycling from my past relationship,” she added at the time.

Two months later, Rondeau confirmed that they had broken up after fans noticed that the pair wiped each other from their respective social media pages.

“I broke up with Shanna months ago,” he told Entertainment Tonight in July 2021. “It is disappointing things couldn’t work out between us two, but sometimes love isn’t enough… making that decision to have us move on and go our separate ways was not easy, but I know it was the right decision. And overall, beneficial for the both of us.”

Although Moakler didn’t comment on the split at the time, she did hint at how she was doing on social media.

“Women don’t even trip after breakups anymore. They just boss up, change that hair style, and forget you ever existed,” read a quote that Moakler posted via her Instagram Story one day after the news broke.

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