Jade Roper: Tanner Tolbert and I 'Schedule' Sex While Raising 3 Kids

Jade Roper said that schedules are the ‘only way’ she and Tanner Tolbert can prioritize their sex life — details

Prioritizing their love life! Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert have started scheduling sex since they have three small children at home.

“Honest answer, yup,” the Bachelor alum, 34, wrote on her Wednesday, February 17, Instagram Story when asked about putting “sexy time” on the calendar. “With three tiny kids with three routines, we schedule right now (with openness and flexibility on it.) But it’s really the only way we can make it a priority right now, and even if it’s weird at first because it kind of is, it’s not once you get into it.”

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert Schedule Sex While Raising 3 Kids 2
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The “Mommies Tell All” podcast cohost apologized to her followers for the “TMI,” adding, “Hopefully, a lot of you can relate to this.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alums welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Reed, in November 2020. The 3-month-old joined sister Emerson, 3, and brother Brooks, 18 months.

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After giving birth to baby No. 2 in July 2019, Roper opened up about her and the Bachelorette alum’s postpartum sex life. “My body is healed, and we do have romantic nights,” the Colorado native exclusively told Us Weekly in November 2019. “We do set up time once a week where we try to prioritize each other. We’re doing more date nights, and I think that definitely when there’s more connection that way, there’s more physical connection too, which is important in a marriage.”

The Naturally Jade Cosmetics creator’s comments came three months after her husband told Nick Viall that their sex life had “taken a dive” after Brooks’ arrival.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert Schedule Sex While Raising 3 Kids
Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert Courtesy of Jade Roper/Instagram

“I want [sex] more now, and Jade wants it less,” the Missouri native told the former Bachelor, 40, in August 2019. “Then pretty much right after the breast-feeding [with Emerson] stopped, we got pregnant again with Brooks. And now he’s here and we have two kids. It is tough. I feel like I’ve begged for it. And I don’t want to feel selfish — I hate asking, I hate trying, because I don’t want it to be pity sex.”

Tolbert added, “I realize that [Jade’s] priority should be on the kids and not me. But I do feel on the back burner.”

Roper told Us that his statement was “blown out of proportion” and she appreciated Tolbert’s honesty. “It’s hard when you’re married and you’re in the newborn stage and you’re just popping out babies,” she explained. “I’ve been pregnant, having babies, or breast-feeding for almost the last three years, so he was just explaining what it’s like to be the male side. … We’ve discussed it in our marriage. It’s something that I already knew he felt.”

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