Another Pageant Queen! Meet the 5 New Women Entering 'The Bachelor'

During the Monday, January 25, episode of 'The Bachelor,' Matt James meets new women hoping to find love — get to know them

The Bachelor may already be heating up, but Matt James is in for another treat. During the Monday, January 25, episode, five new women will be brought into season 25, all hoping that the lead is The One.

In a new sneak peek of the arrivals, one contestant, Brittany, tells the North Carolina native, 29, “I want to make up for lost time.” Just moments after meeting him, the 23-year-old grabs his face and begins making out with him — while the other cast members look on shocked from inside.

She seems to continue stirring the pot, later saying in the house, “They just wanted to save the best for last.”

The realtor previously opened up to Us Weekly exclusively about his journey during the season, admitting that falling for multiple ladies is “something that comes with the territory.” He also raved about the incredible group.

“When people are sharing these things with you and you’re sharing things with them, it’s only natural that over time you’re going to form some type of feeling for that person,” he told Us earlier this month. “How you choose to act on that is another thing, but the raw feeling of being attracted, interested, seeing that person as someone that you could be with — there was a lot of that.”

As for the cast, the ABC Food Tours founder called himself “undeserving” of such a “high caliber” cast.

“It’s just such a great group of women, like, women that you would never think would be single,” the Wake Forest alum shared with Us. “That’s why I was so skeptical coming in, because it’s like, you don’t think the type of woman exists that I was interacting with and that were part of this experience. So, it made my life and decision-making that much more difficult because you’re having to send home incredible women.”

Scroll through to get to know the newcomers. The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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