Bachelor’s Sarah Trott Has an 'Up and Down' Journey With Matt: What We Know

Sarah Trott ‘catches very strong feelings’ for Matt James during season 25, Chris Harrison teased — what to know

The future Mrs. James? Sarah Trott is one of the women competing for Matt James’ heart on season 25 of The Bachelor.

“Really impressive woman, great career in broadcasting, comes from a tight-knit family,” Chris Harrison teased about Sarah, 24, last month, noting that the California native “hits it off really well with Matt, right away.”

Harrison added that Sarah “catches very strong feelings” for Matt “early” in the season but warned that their relationship may not last.

“Sometimes … those that get that early attention, those that have that really initial, bright spark, it’s hard to continue that because obviously the Bachelor/Bachelorette then has to go elsewhere,” he said. “They have to compartmentalize these relationships and that makes it really tough when you have that initial burst of energy. So, can Sarah keep that going? Can she sustain that? Or will it get the best of them? That we’ll have to see.”

Sarah is among the 32 women who arrived at Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania to meet Matt during the January 4 premiere. In the trailer for the season, the ladies are visibly upset when more contestants — including season 23 alum Heather Martin — arrive at the resort.

Matt, for his part, told Us Weekly ahead of the premiere that he feels “undeserving” of his contestants.

“It’s just such a great group of women, like, women that you would never think would be single. That’s why I was so skeptical coming in, because it’s like, you don’t think the type of woman exists that I was interacting with and that were part of this experience,” he told Us earlier this month. “So, it made my life and decision-making that much more difficult because you’re having to send home incredible women.”

The Wake Forest alum added that filming the series was “one of the toughest things” he’s ever done.

“There’s a lot of emotional situations and life experiences that I’ve gone through that I’ve kinda [tried] to repress and those things came to light when you’re trying to have these women know everything about you,” he said. “I want to be vulnerable and show them that I’m here and I’m not going to hold back. You never know where that’s going to take you when you’re that real in the moment, you know.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Keep scrolling for five things to know about Sarah:

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