'A Million Little Things' recap: Eddie adjusts to life after the accident

Meanwhile, Maggie settles into life in England, while Gary and Darcy grow closer back home in Boston.

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Season 3's second episode of A Million Little Things kicks off with Darcy and Gary confronting some teething issues — quite literally since Colin has chewed Darcy's exercise band. Other than that though, things are pretty great between them, so good in fact that when Maggie calls Gary, Darcy encourages him to pick up and talk to his ex. He hums and haws for too long, however, and misses the call, but later returns it, only to hang up on Maggie abruptly when she suggests things are moving too fast between him and his new girlfriend.

Over at Rome and Gina's place, things are still super tense. Although it's been six months or so since they decided not to go through with the second adoption, Rome seems to still be harboring some resentment towards his wife for thinking it was too soon to go ahead with it. Luckily, he's keeping himself busy with his movie and a big star is interested in taking on the role inspired by Gina. Rome meets fancy actress lady, Shanice Williamson at the restaurant. She asks why he needs to tell this story and he tells her, though it sounds odd, his friend (Jon) died at the right time because that call saved his life and made him get honest about his depression. Shanice likes his answer. If she comes on board, she wants to bring her own hair and makeup people, and be done by 9 p.m. every night because she has a kid. She also has some notes on the script —even on some scenes she's not in. Rome is less pleased about that. Just then, Gina comes over to say hi and the two women get along well. Shanice tells them she thinks the relationship between Gina and Rome is perfect and they're the couple everyone is rooting for. Gina very pointedly says, "Yes, my husband is an amazing writer." YIKES. Later at home, Gina confronts Rome. She doesn't want their perfect relationship just to be fiction. Rome admits he's been feeling like he's not entitled to his feeling, that they'll either make him lash out at her or deny himself. He tells his wife he doesn't want to add to her pain, but he's still mad at her because they could be parenting right now, but they're not because she wasn't ready. He then walks out before the conversation can continue.

At Eddie and Katherine's place, Eddie is trying to be helpful around the house from his wheelchair. Katherine hasn't been to the office in weeks and is getting ready to go back. Meanwhile, Theo is racing in Eddie's wheelchair, before Katherine gathers him up to take him to the office with her. She's worried about leaving Eddie alone all day and tells him she wants to hire a home health care worker, but Eddie is resistant. Anyway, they soon rush out the door, leaving Eddie sitting in a chair, before he realizes his wheelchair and cell phone are too far away for him to reach alone. When Gary and Theo arrive at the house hours later, Eddie hides from Theo that he's wet his pants. Gary throws a glass of water on him to disguise it before helping him clean up. Eddie is upset, he doesn't know how much longer he can keep putting a happy face on everything for Katherine and Theo. He tells Gary he got what he deserves, that this is karma for all the bad choices he made, for his part in Alex's death.

When Gary gets back to Darcy's place and tells her what happened, she thinks Eddie needs to commit to a long-term plan. He needs to understand he can still do the things he loves, just differently. Gary wants her to be Eddie's physiotherapist, but Darcy doesn't think she can do it. She's primarily Katherine's friend and she saw how hard it was on her when Eddie cheated. Meanwhile, at Katherine's office, Theo admits to his mom that he feels like he's juggling torches over a volcano. THIS IS A LOT FOR A KID. He and Katherine play ping pong to try to revert him to just a kid having fun.

Heeding Darcy's advice that Eddie needs to do the things that make him feel normal, Gary takes Eddie to a basketball game with Rome, telling his friend he has to stay in the damn game. We love a sports metaphor. Eddie gets mad, and his buddies tell him to use that anger. Eventually, Eddie gets his bearings, playing from the chair, and shoots a hoop or two. He thanks Gary for helping him out and they head home where Katherine has just found Eddie's soiled pants. She tells her husband she can't go back to work and worry about what's happening at home too, but Eddie tells her she can and they'll hire a health care helper so she doesn't have to worry. Darcy, who has arrived with dinner, overhears and says she and Eddie are going to start physical therapy together. She later tells Gary she's doing it for Katherine.

Meanwhile, across the pond in Oxford, Maggie is getting to know her roommate Jamie (played by the ever-endearing Chris Geere of You're the Worst fame) a little better. He tells her she has to start living her life in England and have some fun. He's going to call her Margaret until she does. Luckily, just then, they both realize that a trunk that's been in the living room for some days belongs to neither of them. It must be the guy who Maggie replaced on the program's property. After some back and forth about making a good cup of tea and living in the moment, they decide to break into it to see what it contains. Naturally, it's full of weird things like handcuffs and microphones and a yellow rain hat. Jamie and Maggie burst into Young MC's "Bust A Move" because why not? Later, they have some wine while Maggie diagnoses the poor dude whose property they've just raided. She asks Jamie about his hate for therapists and he tells her a story about seeing one when he was 15, right after his mom died. They bond over it. It somehow inspires Maggie to start a therapy podcast. I mean, it's 2020 — if you haven't started a podcast, are you even living?

And last but not least, let's turn our attention to Chez Delilah. At the top of the episode, she's talking to her dad on the phone. He suffers from Alzheimer's and at that moment forgets who D is. Sophie is planning on applying to Harvard, where her dad went, and is visiting the school that night. Since D has the house to herself, she's planning on inviting Miles over, but when she's making up her bed, her eye catches a photo of her and Jon and she starts having flashbacks of the two of them together. Realizing she's not ready to have another man in the home she shared with her late husband, she cancels her date. Just as well, since Sophie has cut her Harvard trip short after seeing her dad's name signed on the wall of an old dorm building. So mother and daughter enjoy a charcuterie platter and have a girls' night instead. Sophie realized she was only going to go to Harvard to make her feel closer to her dad, so she's going to follow her gut when it comes to applying to schools instead.

The last minutes of this week's episode see Gary opt not to stay over at Darcy's because he wants to make sure they're not moving too fast. He thinks they're amazing and wants this to work. Rome apologizes to Gina. He thought they were on the same page, but feels like she was closing the door on them being parents without talking to him about it. She says they're not on the same page because she's still grieving and he doesn't seem to be. It's taking her longer to work through her grief because she feels like she's doing it alone. Meanwhile, Delilah calls her dad and tells him they should take a trip to France together, so Rome and Gina may well be landed with some kids pretty soon. Elsewhere, Katherine brings the ping pong table home for Eddie and they have fun playing. Then the doorbell rings and Theo goes to answer it. Alex's dad stands there, looking upset. Katherine joins her son at the door and he tells her she has a nice kid and to make sure she enjoys every moment with him, which... sounds vaguely like a threat? But more likely is just him grieving his dead daughter still.

Time will tell! Let's see what happens next week.

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