George Clooney was unaware of the 'emptiness' of his existence until he met Amal

Interviewed by the magazine 'GQ', George Clooney confided at length on his career but also on his family life with his wife Amal.

Consecrated "icon of the year" by the American magazine "GQ", George Clooney granted on this occasion a long interview to the publication. A moment for the actor and director of 59 years to make many confidences on his career but also on his private life.

Revealing that he had just undergone surgery on the neck to treat a hernia, an injury probably caused by his motorcycle accident in July 2018, George Clooney spoke among other things about his confinement, which he spent in Los Angeles with his marries Amal and their twins Alexander and Ella (3 years). If Amal is very busy with her files, the actor stays at home most of the time with their children. “I cut my own hair and cut the children's hair. I mop, I vacuum, I do machines and the dishes. I feel like my mother in 1964, ”he joked.

Her happy marriage to Amal

Further during the interview, the star of the films "Gravity" and "Money Monster" spoke of her relationship with Amal. The duo celebrated their sixth anniversary last September. Before meeting and marrying the 42-year-old lawyer, George Clooney was first married between 1989 and 1993 to actress Talia Balsam. An experience which had made him swear that he would not be repeated there again. For years, he was considered Hollywood's toughest bachelor. And it was a reputation that made him very happy. “I told myself that I will never get married. That I will not have children. I was working, I had great friends, my life was full, I was fine. And I didn't know how empty it was until the day I met Amal. From there, everything changed. I was like, 'Oh actually, it was very empty,' ”he said. If marriage changed him in the simplest and most obvious way, it is “because I had never been in this position where someone's life was infinitely more important than mine. And then add to that two other individuals, who are small and who need to be fed… ”, he continued.

Conversation with Alexander

During his interview with the journalist from "GQ", which was conducted by videoconference, George Clooney was precisely stopped by the intervention of his son Alexander, whom he explained that he suffered from asthma. “Oh, hey! This is Alexander. This is my son. Come here and say hello. (...) You have chocolate on your face. You know ? What is that ? Have you eaten chocolate? ”“ Yeah, ”the boy replied. “Hey, Alexander. How old are you now ? 15 years? ”Continued the actor. “No,” Alexander replied. “How old are you?” Said George Clooney. "3 years. Because I celebrated my birthday, ”added the child. “Yeah, you celebrated your birthday! And are you fluent in Italian? ”George Clooney continued. “Yeah!” Alexander said. “Say something in Italian. Say "it's very hot today" in Italian, "encouraged George Clooney. “Molto caldo,” Alexander replied. “Molto caldo!”, Proudly concluded the actor.

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