Original ‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter exposes show’s manufactured storylines

Gasp! In a shocking twist, reality TV may not entirely be real.

Gasp! In a shocking twist, reality TV may not be entirely real.

The first-ever star of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Trista Sutter, revealed how producers created storylines on the show.

While speaking on the “LadyGang” podcast this week, the 48-year-old confessed that at her 2003 TV wedding to Ryan Sutter, she found a binder from the show’s producers, according to the Huffington Post.

“It had, like, their characters, like the storylines for every person. They had all of our friends who were invited to the bachelor/bachelorette parties,” she told podcast hosts Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek. “They had, you know, all of their bios and, you know, probably some stuff that they interviewed about. And then, I think they had titles, like maybe like the villain or the sweetheart.”

The mom of two also said that the production team forced her into having her runner-up, Charlie Maher, “host” the wedding.

“They came to us and they said to us, ‘Do you want us to be in your face all day long — all day?’ And we were like, ‘No, of course not,’ ” she said. “They were like, ‘If you don’t want us around all day long, then you’re going to have to have Charlie be the commentator or the correspondent.’ ”

However, Sutter ultimately defended the “binder” tactics as a necessary part of reality show biz. She told the podcasters, “The editors need to know who these people are to pull, you know, certain clips.”

In the end, “it’s a TV show. It’s always going to be a TV show. It’s getting [to be] more of a TV show, I feel, like compared to how it was, you know, back in the day,” she added, calling her TV wedding “super fun.”

Reps for “The Bachelorette” did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment about Sutter’s revelations. This story will be updated if we hear back.

Trista Sutter attends the Bridezillas Museum of Natural Hysteria launch on Feb. 22, 2018 in NYC.Getty Images for WE tv

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