Covid-19: Kendall Jenner scandalizes by organizing a big party for her 25 years

Regardless of the coronavirus crisis: Kendall Jenner has invited more than a hundred loved ones to party this weekend for her birthday.

While contaminations with the new coronavirus are increasing across the world and the bar of 231,000 deaths in the United States has already been crossed, Kendall Jenner did like her sister Kim Kardashian a few days before her: she celebrated her birthday in good condition and due form, as if nothing had happened. And too bad for social distancing.

The one who celebrates her 25th birthday this Tuesday, November 3, 2020 has indeed organized a gigantic party on the rooftop of a restaurant in Los Angeles, Saturday, October 31, inviting more than 100 relatives for the occasion, reports TMZ. Since it was also Halloween, the guests all arrived in costume, going wild for long hours on the dance floor. Hailey and Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Paris Hilton, The Weeknd, Winnie Harlow and the Kardashian-Jenner family were all reunited.

Madness of social networks requires, many images of the celebrations circulated on the Internet, causing incomprehension and anger among fans. "Kendall Jenner blowing out her candles on a cake held by a masked waiter who is trying to shift is the scariest thing I have seen on this Halloween party", wrote one user in particular.

Massive screening

According to "People", Kendall Jenner and her family had made their arrangements by testing all the guests of the evening. A justification that did not convince. "Can someone explain to me how Kendall Jenner managed to get a hundred quick-result COVID tests for a party when normal people can't be tested at a doctor unless they show up symptoms and have to wait another two days for results? ”one person tweeted.

Interviewed by Andy Cohen, Kris Jenner defended her daughter's decision to organize this big party in the midst of a health crisis. “We are fortunate to work in an industry where we get tested once or twice a week. I have been tested again. I was tested on Friday. Because of the channel's regulations (E! Entertainment, which produces their reality TV show, editor's note), we have to get tested regularly, it's very strict. And every time we have gatherings, whether small or large (...), we get tested. We had everyone tested at Kendall's birthday party. People would come to the door and had to wait half an hour for their results. (...) So we are responsible and we make sure that everyone in the family, as well as our close friends, is religiously tested. We do the best we can, we try to stick to the instructions. And if people want to criticize or be negative, I can't control it, ”the businesswoman said.

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