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Lady Gaga’s voting outfit included seven-inch platform boots and no pants

Leave it to Gaga to always make a dramatic entrance.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to always make a dramatic entrance — even when voting.

The “Rain On Me” hitmaker, 34, turned her walk to the ballot box into her own personal runway on Tuesday, clad in a gray “Chromatica” sweatshirt ($65) and face mask ($15), dark sunglasses, seven-inch-tall pink Demonia “Slay-301” platform boots ($125.95) and no pants.

“Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness,” Gaga captioned an Instagram video capturing the moment, which she set to her song “Babylon” from her latest album.

The Grammy winner has shared plenty of voting-related content in the weeks leading up to the presidential election; in addition to updating fans when she received her ballot earlier this week, she’s also highlighted the importance of voter protection at the polls, ensuring the signature on your ballot matches the one on file and more.

Gaga even teased a “new single” that turned out to be a jingle for “They’ll help you register / Inform you how to vote / Help tell you where to go / I know some of you still don’t know,” she sang.

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