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Gal Gadot as Cleopatra ulcerates some internet users, who demanded a black actress to play the Egyptian queen of Greek origin

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has announced that she will play Cleopatra in a biopic. A news that panics Internet users because the Queen of Egypt is apparently black according to them.

After Wonder Woman, she will play Cleopatra. Israeli actress Gal Gadot will be back in a film directed by Patty Jenkins. She announced it on Sunday, October 11 in Deadline magazine, which is echoed in the Huffington Post. But a controversy has already started concerning the color of the young woman's skin… The problem? Gal Gadot is white. This has already earned him many reviews on social networks. Internet users are shouting “whitewashing”. It is a phenomenon of portraying a non-white person as white.

A controversy caused by the various hypotheses put forward about the true origins of the mythical Egyptian sovereign. A debate that still goes on today.

Historians commonly agree that the Queen was born in Egypt and was a member of the royal family of Macedonian and Greek descent, ruling the kingdom for 275 years.

Thus, it is proven that Cleopatra had Greek origins, but it could nevertheless be that she was mixed race or black. Studies carried out on her sister's skull have revealed characteristics specific to people of black color.

And on the web, reactions have followed one another, dividing Internet users.

“Cleopatra was not black, she was of Greek origin, and there are even period effigies on her appearance. People have to stop trying to rewrite history with today's stupidity, "one netizen said, while another said otherwise.

“The family of Cleopatra, ie the Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt for centuries. The lineage had mingled with the Egyptians. All modern reconstructions actually show her closer to a black woman than to a Greek. "

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