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Major Money! The Rock, Gal Gadot and More Score Huge 'Red Notice' Salaries

Netflix paid the 'Red Notice' stars handsomely for the company's most expensive movie yet — salaries revealed

Equal pay for equal work. Gal Gadot made just as much as her male costars Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Netflix’s Red Notice, with all three A-listers raking in huge salaries.

The action film, set to start streaming in November 2021, follows FBI profiler John Hartley (Johnson) as he follows an Interpol-issued Red Notice — the highest-level warrant for the world’s most-wanted criminals. His first target is Nolan Booth (Reynolds), the world’s second-leading art thief, but Hartley realizes that teaming up with the bad guy is the only way he’ll track down world’s top art thief, The Bishop (Gadot).

Pay parity has been an important issue for Gadot throughout her career. “My biggest struggle as a woman has been equal pay as my male co-stars, whom I love so much,” the Wonder Woman star said during an April 2021 press conference for her documentary series, Impact With Gal Gadot. “As a woman, that has been the biggest thing. As a human being, I have struggled with many other problems. But the thing that I fought for the most, was equal pay with my male stars.”

Reynolds, Johnson and Gadot all made the same eight-figure number for their acting paychecks, according to Variety. However, Johnson is expected to make more since he not only starred in the adventure flick but also served as a producer.

Johnson said in an October 2021 Facebook post that Red Notice is “the biggest investment NETFLIX has ever made in a film,” and the budget allows the film to truly feel huge as it follows the FBI agent and art thieves around the globe to exotic locations with huge stunt scenes and loads of special effects.

“Here’s what I know ~ Red Notice was my first ever movie on @Netflix and I wanted to make it historic, massive and entertaining for the world,” the Termana Tequila founder wrote at the time.

Red Notice had a $130 million budget, Deadline previously reported in 2019. Universal and Legendary originally were set to make the film when it was announced in 2018, but the companies backed out after deeming it too expensive. Netflix stepped in to pay for the blockbuster film. Production was halted by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, likely adding unexpected costs to an already pricey film.

It isn’t just the actors who earned millions for the flick. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber scored an eight-figure deal for Red Notice, per Deadline. Thurber also worked with Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions on 2016’s Central Intelligence and 2018’s Skyscraper.

Keep scrolling to see the Red Notice cast’s salaries and how they compare to the stars’ other recent paydays:

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Nicole Massabrook

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