Youtube calculates that its video viewing platform is directly and indirectly responsible for a contribution of 515 million euros to the French gross domestic product

Youtube calculated that its video viewing platform was directly and indirectly responsible for a contribution of 515 million euros to the French gross domestic product, in particular via the income of creators and payments to record companies, according to a study. to be released Thursday.

"In 2019, the entire YouTube creative ecosystem contributed approximately 515 million euros to French GDP", and "supported" 15,000 full-time equivalent jobs, details this study carried out by the firm Oxford Economics.

"Our estimates exclude the economic contribution of YouTube's own activities and the benefits companies derive from increased sales resulting from advertisements" on the platform, she said, while YouTube, owned by Google, does not not communicate its national turnover. "This is an extremely substantial contribution which also demonstrates the sustainability of the model," Youtube director in France, Justine Ryst, told AFP.

Youtube gives back "more than half" of its advertising revenues to Youtubers accepting the monetization of their content. Creators can also have their videos directly sponsored by brands, an economy external to the platform but taken into account in the Oxford Economics study. Since the arrival of Youtube in France in 2005, this ecosystem has become more professional, notably with the creation of networks of videographers and the development by certain creators of derivative products (books, clothing lines, etc.).

The platform was nevertheless affected, like all the media, by the health crisis which led to a drop in advertising revenue from the start of the confinement period, despite large audiences. "We are still in the crisis. The challenge is to support the creators and the advertisers who return", recognized Justine Ryst. The platform this year extended the possibilities of advertising breaks to shorter videos, and wants to encourage "alternative monetization", in particular through donations or regular payments from subscribers.

Some 40 million French people (including 92% of 18-34 year olds) watched a YouTube video in July according to Médiamétrie. They spent an average of 23 minutes a day there, and 50 minutes for those under 34. Youtube's global advertising revenue reached $ 15 billion in 2019. Its parent company Google agreed the same year to pay one billion euros to settle its tax disputes in France.

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