Meghan Markle harassed on the internet, she confides in the disastrous effect on her mental health

During a podcast on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Meghan Markle confided as rarely she did about the online harassment she experienced, especially in 2019. An intervention during which she wished to help those who are harassed like her.

Online harassment can cause devastating psychological damage… Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, knows this well. With her husband, Prince Harry, they took part in a World Mental Health Day podcast on Saturday, hosted by three teenagers in California and titled "Teenager Therapy." It must be said that this is a cause that is particularly close to their hearts, since little Archie's mother suffered constant harassment in 2019, across the world. They had already spoken about their psychological distress last year, but this time they did so to help others who were similarly ill as they were. "I can speak about it personally because I was told that in 2019, I was the most trolled person in the whole world", began Meghan Markle, in reference to the online harassment that she has harvested since her marriage to the Prince. “Yet for eight months of that year, I didn't even show myself. I was on maternity leave, or with my baby. But despite that, we were able to manufacture things. And it’s almost insurmountable, ”she added with emotion.

"It can only hurt"

The Duchess, often mocked, trolled, insulted or threatened on the Internet had a lot to say: "And it's so huge that you can't even know what it feels like, because it doesn't matter if you're 15 or 25 years old , if people say things about you that are not true, it can only hurt your mental health, ”she explained. “Being able to talk to people and understand that even though our experience is unique to us (and can obviously seem very different from what people go through on a daily basis) it is still a human experience and it is universal”, a- she concluded. During the podcast, Prince Harry also spoke: “Meghan talks about her experience on a global scale, but if you are a young girl or a young boy in school, this is your world, and if you are attacked, harassed or made fun of online… it's exactly the same thing, ”he told the young people who listen to him directly. "It's very easy to get caught and stuck in a negative spiral, but we all have a choice to try to let go of the negativity in our lives."

Thus, prince Harry explains having voluntarily chosen not to watch or read the reviews on him and his wife: "I made the choice not to read or see and to get away from all that, to concentrate on the positive and optimistic side. What I have seen in recent years are people hiding behind nicknames online. They say things that no one would say in front of the person, ”he continued. And to stay away from these negative elements, he embarked on ... meditation. For her part, Meghan Markle confided to go "very well" since moving to the United States.

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