Ten years of Instagram story that went on the air after the first photo

On October 6, 2010, the first photo appeared on Instagram and was a photo of a dog owned by the company's founder, Kevin Systrom.

Instagram immediately took off and social media has evolved and changed a lot during these decades.

Reuters covers the history of the medium in detail in a post on Twitter. In December of the same year, one million people had signed up for Instagram, and in one year the number had risen to ten million.

In 2012, Facebook paid 1 billion dollars for the company, or the equivalent of 138.5 billion Icelandic kronas. Today, Instagram users are one billion.

To begin with, you could only upload beautiful images and put a few filters over them. Soon people started using the medium for certain issues and then the stars started to take over.

World-renowned individuals get paid millions for every single movie they promote. Kim Kardashian, for example, received $ 500,000 for each film in 2015.

With Instagram, it can actually be said that the influence has been created and it has become an industry today.

Tourism around the world has made huge profits on the medium as people often travel especially to destinations to get just the right picture.

During these years, the medium has received considerable criticism for sharing fake news, where cyberbullying and more thrive. Instagram recently announced that the company would take over surveillance of bullying that takes place on the medium. According to a recent study, 42% of young children's online bullying takes place on Instagram.

Below you can see the history of the medium Instagram.

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