NBA Finals: 'We must be better', insists James

'We have to be better,' Lakers superstar LeBron James said after Friday's loss to Miami in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, emphasizing the importance of

"At the end of the day, you can't decide anything in advance, you have to take the game as it comes and play it," said James, who did everything to turn it in his favor with 40 points scored. But it was the Heat who had the last word (111-108) to reduce the gap to 3-2 and afford the right to play a sixth game.

"We play every action, every possession and we live with the result. We don't think about what might happen at the end of the game or that sort of thing. You have to live in the moment, because if you start to losing in that kind of thing, we make a mistake. And this team that we play there, makes you pay for every mistake, "he added.

Returning to the action that could have offered the title to LA, if Danny Green had scored his three-point attempt after a pass he offered, James admitted: "We had a great opening to win the game, to win the series. But it did not come in. "

"We have to be better. We just have to be better," he repeated.

"We will bounce back. There is no doubt about it," promised his trainer, Frank Vogel, conceding that "the defeat is severe".

"We were very close" to win the title. The 17th coveted by L.A.

"We will deliver a better performance in match N.6. But for that we will have to play better during the 47 minutes which lead to the last," he continued, recalling that if the Lakers were close to winning, before that they ran behind the score for most of the game.

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