Office workers thrashed by extreme wind in startling elevator video

They got the wind knocked right out of them.

A startling video taken from inside an elevator shows two office workers getting off their elevator to wind so extreme it sends them tumbling head over heels.

In the video, taken in the UK on Aug. 25, the two men calmly hold their coffee cups as the elevator doors open.

They attempt to get off — only to be violently thrashed about by the massive gust of wind.

The force is so strong, it rips the coffees out of their hands as they tumble into each other and attempt to get to safety.

Meanwhile, hilariously, a woman who stayed back in the elevator wanted nothing to do with the chaotic scene. She promptly forces the door shut on her poor officemates.

“Ahh, the beautiful nurturing spirit of women at full display here,” a commenter on the viral video quipped.

It’s likely the wind was a result of the extreme weather the UK faced last week as Storm Francis brought heavy rain and wind gusts of up to 70 mph.

It was among the severe storms experienced around the world, including in the southern US, where Hurricane Laura ravaged Texas and Louisiana with winds up to 150 mph.

Extreme wind knocked two office workers head over heels.ViralHog
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