Dak Prescott party controversy infuriates Marcus Spears

The police didn’t find a party at Dak Prescott’s house, but the Cowboys quarterback isn’t getting off that easily from others for the birthday bash he reportedly threw at his house during the coronavirus shutdown.

TMZ reported that Prescott hosted up to 30 guests, including teammate Ezekiel Elliott, Friday night in Prosper, Texas, at a time when the state is under stay-at-home orders and social gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed. While police told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram they did not see such a gathering taking place when they responded to a report, Prescott is still getting ripped for being “tone-deaf.”

“This was one of the most disrespectful things I’ve seen in a long time,” ESPN’s Marcus Spears said Monday on “First Take.”

“The disrespect to do this and recognize that people that have to presumably take care of you after these dumb social gatherings that you should not be having, by the way, is the one that really irks me and rubs me the wrong way.”

TMZ’s original report included a video showing a big buffet spread and a photo spotting Elliott. Later in the night, according to the report, Prescott hosted a sit-down dinner for closer to 10 people.

A source close to Prescott told the Star-Telegram, “Dak did NOT have over 10 people and was not in violation of any social distancing.”

But during a pandemic that has seen more than 580,000 people test positive for coronavirus and more than 23,000 die because of it in the United States alone, per Johns Hopkins, Spears said it wasn’t just about the social gathering.

“If you paid any attention to Instagram, television, the news that’s being reported, you see the devastation of what this is doing to the people that are having to treat COVID-19 patients,” said Spears, the former Cowboys defensive end. “You see nurses crying on Instagram, concerned about taking this disease home to their parents. And I understand that the general public is suffering and people are dying and this situation is different than any situation we’ve ever had.

“People could say you’re being too serious. Listen, there are two things I tell people all the time. My sister’s a police officer, I want her to come home every day. Now that we’re dealing in this pandemic and we see nurses and doctors not only concerned about themselves, not only concerned about the patients, but concerned about their families and who they possibly could transport this disease to, this is just dumb. It’s dumb and it’s totally disrespectful with what we have going on right now in this country.”

Aside from the alleged party, Prescott and Elliott have also been working out with former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant during the quarantine.

“When you’re the age of Dak Prescott and when you’re the age of Ezekiel Elliott and this demographic that we saw in this alleged video that was breaking the gathering laws, you have a sense of invincibility,” Spears said. “When you play in the NFL, obviously you get attached to that thought process.”