Kendrick Perkins has credit card denied after kids rack up $16,000 ‘Fortnite’ bill

Unfortunately, Kendrick Perkins can’t tell his kids to go outside and play due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former NBA center would probably like to. Their video game addiction is driving him nuts. He had his credit card denied the other day after his kids ran up a $16,000 bill on video games.

“I go to the store to buy something, credit card declined,” the NBA analyst said on ESPN. “I get my credit card bill back. Come to find out, I got $16,000 worth of ‘Fortnite’ bills on my credit card. It was from buying skins every day, whatever that is. I don’t even know what it is.”

“Fortnite” is free, but it has added features that can run up money. An estimated 250 million play the survival game. Perkins’ kids are obviously part of it.

“I hate video games. My kids drive me crazy with it,” Perkins told ESPN’s “Hoop Streams” on Tuesday. “In my house there’s nothing but ‘Fortnite,’ ‘NBA2K’ — it just drives me crazy.”

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