For Tom Brady: You’re more than the legend

Tom Brady not belong to NFL, NFL belong to him.

The man who spent 20 seasons of his career with the New England Patriots, playing in nine Super Bowls and winning six of them (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, and LIII), the most of any player in NFL history. He has won a record four Super Bowl MVP awards (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, and LI) as well as three NFL MVP awards (2007, 2010, 2017).Due to his numerous records and accolades, several sports writers, commentators, and players consider Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time.

You can read something like that on Wiki or somewhere, but it won’t never enough to talk about how great he is just by the statistics.

During Tom Brady’s 20 years in the NFL, stories of his competitiveness have become part of his legend.

Across the league, there are tales of Brady’s intense desire to win, temper tantrums when he loses, and extreme self-confidence. At 42 years old, Brady isn’t one of the players that seems to have lost his desire to compete — he seems to enjoy it more than ever. He keeps improving. Brady has worked to get quicker, and once said he was faster at age 39 than he was coming out of college.

Former Patriot Dan Koppen said that Brady is the most competitive person he’s ever met. Darrelle Revis described Brady’s desire to win as a “sickness.” . He as know as a “psychotic competitor”.

Brady doesn’t take losing well. Former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola said Brady once broke a ping pong paddle after losing to Amendola in a game. In other time, Brady threw a backgammon board across the room because he lost. And Brady said nothing relieves his anger like a good F-bomb tirade.

Brady knew he’d be great, even though he was a sixth-round draft pick. When he was drafted, he told Patriots owner Robert Kraft, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

Tom Brady

Don’t ask Brady to play a game of catch: He’ll drill the ball at you from 5 yards away, according to Brandon LaFell.

Brady does brain exercises designed to help those with brain conditions. He said he felt a difference in his brain function.  He has admitted that he has to work on his body language so as not to be too hard on his teammates. He also has a ridiculous diet that few others could follow. Avocado ice cream is a treat, and he even stays away from popular health foods like peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

What make Brady become more than a legend?

And what make Brady become more than a legend?

Because you can give Tom Brady just about any team to play with, and he’ll come out a winner. He may not be able to consistently win, or even make it to, Super Bowls every year, but he’ll certainly put them in the playoffs. Few quarterbacks in history have had as diverse teams, and receivers to throw to, as Tom Brady. You can name famous QB/WR connections all day long, and you’ll have difficulty connecting Brady to any one favorite target for an extended period that was truly great (except maybe the overrated Wes Welker for a brief time).

Also when Brady came to the NFL out of college he was considered a nobody, not much more than a backup clipboard holder that only went in if the main guy went down. He was pretty much considered average in just about every category. But when Drew Bledsoe went down, a legend in his earlier years but heading over the hill fast, Brady made the most of his chance by winning a Super Bowl. He proved over the next several years that he was no fluke, consistently improving year after year and working hard to improve himself physically and mentally. Even after several setbacks (losing a couple Super Bowls which were very winnable, one after a perfect season, and having to sit out a season due to injury) Brady was able to come back and play at a high level, which he continues to do today even at a very advanced age for many NFL players. And he has that mental attitude that all the greats have had, that he’s a winner, he plays to win, and he’s gonna win no matter what it takes.

And no, I’m not a New England fan. And yes, many will say he cheated, as well as the overall team itself. But seriously, did Brady and the Patriots do anything much differently or hadn’t been done by Ken Stabler and the Oakland Raiders back in the 70s, once considered some of the dirtiest and most prolific cheaters of the NFL (remember the Holy Roller)?

He made the NFL interesting, his list of achievements are stratospheric, his ability to win, make every throw, despite not having the best offensive weapons in the NFL.

Tom Brady is the greatest player of all time. Not just quarterback, player. He made a quantum leap at the quarterback position – his amazing accuracy, arm strength, pocket presence, resistance to injury, aptitude to read so fast, his quick release, to rout and tire every #1 defense, takes less money his entire career to help his team manage talent, a model of sportsmanship and leadership. There is no player with a bigger underdog story than Tom Brady a 199th pick taking over the NFL, knocking out Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner and #2 overall pick Donovan Mcnabb to become the most polarizing player in the world.

Stories of his competitiveness have become part of his legend.

Everyone watches Tom Brady, everyone follows his career, everyone fears him because of his clutchness, he is the comeback kid, when you talk football, you will always mention Tom Brady.

Now, after 20 seasons, Tom Brady leave the Patriots, and  join the Buccaneers to continue write his history.

At 43, he has no plans to relinquish his spot. Brady says he wants to play until he’s 45, and he used to even consider 50 a real possibility. Let’s wait and see what miracles he will bring.

Now, just say that: We’re lucky to be born at the same time as Tom Brady.

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