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Las Vegas: 'Monsoon' flash floods drown out multiple casinos, the whole Strip, and the airport

Thursday night, floods hit airports, parking lots, and the whole Las Vegas Strip, which has some of the most famous casinos and hotels in the world.

A flash flood and severe thunderstorm warning was put in place, and many buildings were filled with heavy rain.

Floodwaters cover the streets of Sin City in a video that was shared on Twitter. Other videos showed streets in downtown turning into small rivers and water pouring into casinos.

The Las Vegas Fire Information Officer Tim Szymanski told The Post that no one has been hurt at this time.

Other social media videos showed that the inside of the Circa sportsbook was full of floodwater that soaked the carpet.

In another video that has been posted online, water pours out of a hole in the ceiling of the Planet Hollywood Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. Staffers can be seen using their cell phones to record the chaos.

Flooding at Circa
A video making the rounds on Twitter shows the flooding at the sportsbook at Circa.
KLAS-TV / Dan Miller

The iconic Caesar’s Palace was also affected by floodwater, as a video posted online showed the ceiling unable to contain the water, which poured onto the carpets.

The Post has reached out to Planet Hollywood and Caesar’s Palace for comment, while Circa sportsbook declined to comment.

Alexander Wolf, a Las Vegas resident, told The Post he saw “curtains” of rainfall outside his window.

Flooding at a parking garage on the Strip
A video shared on Twitter shows intense flooding inside a parking garage on the Strip.
Twitter / @CoachKenCamp

“Lightning was nearly constant, and the power went out several times,” he told The Post. “Electric surges set the fire alarms of several buildings off, causing fire responders to have to head out into the storm to respond to them.”

Simon Jowitt, an economic geologist and professor at the University of Las Vegas, told The Post that while flash floods don’t happen too often, Nevadans do anticipate monsoon season from July to September.

Flooding inside Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip
Flooding is seen inside Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip.
Twitter / @dwoods9120

“We’ve got good drainage systems but sometimes the water just overloads them,” Jowitt, who hails from Las Vegas, told The Post. “It can also be dangerous for homeless people who sometimes live in the drainage systems for shelter.”

“The other thing is that we don’t often get rain so it’s hard to check whether roofs and the like are actually waterproof; probably what has happened in the casinos tonight,” he added.

“These rains don’t happen that often, but we’ve had a few days in a row now.”

A Las Vegas street turns into a river, as the flash flood poured into multiple strips and casinos.
A Las Vegas street turns into a river, as the flash flood poured into multiple strips and casinos.
@Mymagicalthinks, Twitter

In other places, the flood is causing major problems at local airports.

Shondra Kayd, whose flight to Toronto, Canada has been delayed a lot, told The Post, "My flight has been delayed an hour so far, and maybe more." "Many planes had to land at various airports."

Earlier on Thursday, flights leaving Harry Reid International Airport were usually 50 minutes late. says that planes that were supposed to fly to Las Vegas were being held at their home airports until at least 11 p.m.

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