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Eric Adams says that he and his teenage girlfriend had an abortion after the Roe v. Wade decision

On Friday, Mayor Eric Adams told the public that when he was a troubled teenager, his then-girlfriend chose to have an abortion after he was arrested. He used this as an example while also calling for court packing to make the US Supreme Court bigger.

Hizzoner asked politicians in Washington, D.C. to expand the high court, which is currently dominated by conservatives who recently overturned New York's strict gun permit laws, before it could do more "harm."

Adams said that he was 15 and had just gotten out of jail when Linda told him, "Eric, I'm pregnant, and look at your life." He told the story for the first time in public when he spoke on the steps of City Hall, where many people were rallying after the ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.

“She said Eric, you’re arrested, you’re not going to school, what future is this baby going to have,” the mayor continued. “She made the decision that was smart for both of us, she made the right call because she was empowered, she was in control.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams revealed that after he was arrested as a teenager his then-girlfriend had an abortion.
William Farrington
Supreme court roe v wade protests
The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade Friday.
James Keivom
Supreme Court Justices
New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for adding seats to the Supreme Court.

The mayor asked Democrats in Washington to try to move forward with a plan called "court packing" by critics. This plan would add more seats to the Supreme Court to make up for the 6–3 advantage Republicans have on the court.

Adams said in response to questions from reporters, "The growth of the Supreme Court is very important." "This court needs to be more fair before it does more damage than it already has."

The 61-year-old stepped up to the podium after seven of his top deputies, who were all women, spoke out against the Supreme Court's decision. Three of them said that they had decided to have abortions.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams
Childhood photo of New York City Mayor Eric Adams and his family.

“Being a mother is the best job I’ve ever had, and I’ve loved it so much. But when I was 18 years old, I was not ready to be a mom,” said a visibly emotional Anne Williams-Isom, the deputy mayor who oversees the Big Apple’s sprawling public health and social services apparatus.

“If I did not have access to a safe affordable abortion, I would not be here with you all today,” she continued. “I wouldn’t have the life that I wanted to have. I wouldn’t be the mother that I wanted to be.”


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