Putin snubs the UK's commitment to assisting Ukraine in its grain problem

The Ukraine situation continues to provide bad news to Europe and the Western world. Regardless of what you read in the Western media, the Zelenskyy government is on the verge of collapsing. It lacks the military might to rival the Russians, and its budgetary resources are already stretched thin.

Yes, the United Kingdom and other European allies attempted to assist Ukraine. They had even devised a strategy to export Ukraine's grains to foreign countries, providing much-needed assistance to the Ukrainian economy. However, Russia grabbed Ukrainian grain before they could carry out their plan, essentially putting an end to the UK's attempt to bail out Kyiv.

Ukraine's food grain is being blocked by Russia

Russia has been suffocating Ukraine's food grain exports. The Russian Navy has now successfully closed off the Sea of Azov and taken control of the Black Sea. As a result, a blockade has been erected, cutting off Ukrainian trade and providing a base for the Russian Navy to conduct attacks against Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the world's largest producers of food grains. Ukraine exports a considerable amount of food grains to Europe and other regions of the world. The Russian Navy's embargo, on the other hand, has halted Ukrainian grain exports, raising world food prices even higher. Approximately 20 million tonnes of grain are currently stranded inside Ukraine.

This has resulted in "sea blindness," or a lack of understanding of the role of naval force in a country's security and prosperity. Given that the EU imports 36 percent of cereal supply and 16 percent of oilseed supplies, Europe must act quickly.

Ukraine's food grains will be shipped by the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was considering a strategy to assure the safe transit of Ukrainian grain exports. It has even granted preliminary permission to Lithuania's request to form a non-NATO naval coalition "of the willing" to counter Russia's blockade. "Time is very very limited," Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis was reported as saying by The Guardian. We're about to start a new harvest, and there's no other realistic route to get the grain out of the country than through the Black Sea port of Odessa."

"There is no manner of storing this grain and no other adequate alternative route," Landsbergis continued. It is critical that we demonstrate to vulnerable countries that we are willing to take the necessary steps to feed the world."

"From my perspective, the British government is interested in aiding Ukraine in whatever manner it can," Lithuania's senior ambassador added. In this situation, the United Kingdom has made some extremely powerful and decisive moves, and there is a likelihood that it will participate. The United Kingdom was the first country to send rockets to protect Odessa."

Putin has canceled the United Kingdom's plan

Russia, on the other hand, has managed to derail the United Kingdom's effort to ensure the safe transit of Ukrainian grain exports. Thousands of tonnes of grain have been shipped from Ukraine's occupied Kherson area to Crimea by Russia.

"These are hundreds of tonnes," Hennadiy Lahuta, the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, said. Thousands of tonnes of grain, vegetables – the Kherson region produces it everything."

Lahuta also suggested that farmers themselves could be prepared to send their excess food to Russia. "Many farmers sell these products for cash to the temporarily occupied Crimean territory through linkages," he claimed.

As a result, Russia is removing extra grains from Ukraine. And this is a significant blow for the EU, the UK, and the rest of the Western world, which had hoped to reclaim access to Ukraine's food grains in some way. Putin has effectively thwarted the United Kingdom's plans.


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