Ukrainian Soldiers on Snake Island Feared Dead Still Alive: Surrendered to Russian

The renowned Ukrainian Snake Island warriors, who allegedly battled to the death after instructing a Russian vessel to 'go f**k yourselves,' surrendered and were caught alive.

During Russia's invasion of Ukraine last week, a popular story that immediately went viral concerned Snake Island and the 13 troops who heroically battled and died there, according to USA GAG.

However, the Ukrainian Navy revealed on Monday that the story was only partially genuine and had a significantly different ending from that which had been initially reported.

"We are overjoyed to learn that our brothers are still alive and well with them!" remarked the Ukrainian Navy.

"Illegally capturing a civilian ship – a non-combatant – without completing any military purpose is a violation of the norms and customs of war, as well as international humanitarian law," the Ukrainian Navy noted. "We demand that Russia immediately free all unjustly occupied Ukrainian citizens."

After a Russian attack decimated the island's infrastructure, the Ukrainian military lost touch with the marines and border guards on Snake Island, the tale went viral.

The infamous tape, leaked by Anton Herashchenko, a Ukrainian interior minister's assistant, claimed to show a Russian cruiser threatening to blast all the soldiers to kingdom come unless they surrendered.

The Russians claimed in the recording, "This is a Russian warship." "I advise that you lay down your weapons and surrender in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and victims." You'll be bombed if you don't."

"Russian warship, go fuck yourselves," said the Ukrainians.

According to UPI, Ukrainian officials also stated that members of a relief mission deployed to the island after the soldiers were presumed dead were illegally seized by Russian forces.

"The illegal seizure of a non-combatant civilian ship that did not carry out any military tasks is a violation of the norms and customs of war as well as international humanitarian law," the Ukrainian Navy said, according to a Euronews translation.

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