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The Rittenhouse Defense Defeats the Prosecution: He Was Entitled to Be 'Unmolested' by Joseph Rosenbaum

The prosecution's closing argument was full of incorrect material, presumably intended to mislead the jury on self-defense law, claiming that if you carry a gun, you lose your right to self-defense, and that you can't claim self-defense if the person you shot was unarmed.

The prosecution also argued that the first man shot and killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, did not threaten Rittenhouse or attempt to seize his pistol. Rittenhouse allegedly shot before Rosenbaum came near, according to the prosecutor. That completely contradicted the prosecution's own witnesses' evidence.

The prosecutor even pointed the AR-15 with his finger on the trigger at the jury and people in the courtroom without checking the gun as he talked about Rittenhouse being reckless with his gun. Speaking of reckless…

Compared to a closing argument that was false and all over the block, the defense was much more measured in its response.

MSNBC skipped out on that, however, only airing the prosecution’s closing and then returning to their regular programing. But of course, they didn’t want their viewers to see the truth in the defense closing.

The defense, on the other hand, made a far stronger case, utilizing video to back up its claims and laying out some of the prosecution's falsehoods first. Mark Richards, the defense counsel, pointed out that the prosecutor had not mentioned provocation as a basis against self-defense until his case "exploded in his face."

The defense emphasized how the prosecutor misled in his opening statement about Rittenhouse pursuing Rosenbaum when it was the other way around, as seen by the video. He also pointed out that the prosecutor lied about Rosenbaum not being there at a spot by displaying a photo of him there. "However, Mr. Binger will deceive you," Richards stated.

"This isn't a game in this circumstance." Richards stated, "It's my client's life." "We don't make up facts to make it look like Mr. [Joseph] Rosenbaum was citizen A, number one man." He was a tyrant. That night, he was there wreaking havoc. He had been a rioter. And my client was on her own that night to deal with him.... Mr. Rosenbaum was shot because he was on his way to kill my client, steal his pistol, and carry out the threats he had made."

To refute Binger's falsehoods, the defense dismantled the case piece by piece, utilizing video and witness evidence.

The defense took on the claim of the chaotic “tourist,” saying that Rittenhouse had as much right to go to Kenosha as anyone else and be “unmolested” by Joseph Rosenbaum. Um, nicely done there, defense. How to say something without saying it. (Rosenbaum had a history of sexual assault against minors.)

The defense used Joe Scarborough's comments on the case yesterday, saying incorrectly that Rittenhouse fired 60 shots, as an example of how the media had all been wrong about so much of the case.

According to Richards, “This is a political case. The DA’s office is marching forward with this because they need somebody to be responsible.”

“Kyle Rittenhouse is not that individual,” he continued. The people who attacked Kyle were not “heroes,” he said. “Kyle Rittenhouse shot Mr. Rosenbaum because he was attacking Kyle. Every person who was shot was attacking Kyle. One with a skateboard, one with his hands, one with his feet and one with a gun.”

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