Creating a Blockchain-Based Metaverse with Lepasa NFT

Virtual worlds have received a lot of attention recently, whether for leisure or gaming purposes. While virtual worlds have a lot to offer their users, one major disadvantage of today's virtual worlds is that they are centralized.

Lepasa intends to create a virtual world in which its users and content creators can own and exploit the potential of blockchain. Developers will be able to create, distribute, and monetize applications on Lepasa.

What exactly is Lepasa?

Lepasa is an NFT platform founded by a group of blockchain technology experts and traditional artists with the goal of creating a mythological virtual life. NFTs on the platform are ERC-721 tokens that users on the Ethereum blockchain can own.

Lepasa is based on a decentralized model because the platform's creators believe that no single authority should have complete control over the platform or the ability to change the rules of the software, its contents, or the token's economics.

The ecosystem of Lepasa

Lepasa, as previously stated, is a community-driven platform that is creating an ecosystem for gamers, artists, and crypto enthusiasts. The Lepasa ecosystem is made up of the following components:

  • E-commerce: E-commerce is popular all over the world, and with Lepasa, users can sell physical items through their virtual store on the platform.
  • Virtual tourism is another industry with a lot of potential. Lepasa can be used by artists, students, and researchers to create, explore, and learn.
  • Applications: Lepasa's scripting language would allow developers to create 3D applications, games, and dynamic scenes with the ability to create objects, load textures, encode user interactions, sounds, and payments, among other things.
  • Digital collectibles: Lepasa users can publish, distribute, and collect digital assets. Users will be able to trade on the platform by using the scripting system, which will be supported by the naming system.
  • Advertising: Lepasa also offers brands the opportunity to promote their products, services, or events by placing billboards near or on land blocks. The platform also allows them to showcase their products and interact with the audience.
  • Socializing: The platform enables communities to create chat groups, online forums, and other centralized multiplayer games. Aside from online groups, offline communities can find a place to gather and interact in Lepasa.

The $Lepa cryptocurrency

On the Lepasa platform, the $Lepa token is an ERC-20 token. CertiK, a leading smart contract auditing firm, has audited the token.

Any user who wishes to purchase NFTs or any future offering on the Lepasa platform must do so using the $Lepa token.

The token also includes a burn mechanism, which creates scarcity and increases the token's value. It will also be available on QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap in the near future.

The distribution of tokens

The total supply of $Lepa token is 100 million, with 10% of the token initially circulating. A 39 percent share is designated for strategic and private distribution, with the remaining 25 percent designated for marketing and business development. A ten percent share is set aside for the team, the foundational reserve, and the liquidity. The remaining 5% share is reserved for the advisors.

The $Lepa token has a listing price of $0.15.


As previously stated, Lepasa was created with the goal of creating a mythological virtual world with unique fine art 3D NFTs that provide users with more than just an image but also access to actual source files. These source files include a plethora of possibilities, including games, videos, pictures, and other NFTs.

The platform's utility token, too, has a limited supply, which means it has the potential to provide huge returns to investors in both the long and short term. In addition to partnering with Polygon|Matic, Lepasa has been featured on CoinMarketCap and NewsBTC.

For more information on Lepasa, please visit their official website, as well as their Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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