The chemical in a suspicious package given to Ilhan Omar with a 'patriarchy' threat is being tested by Capitol Police

On Tuesday, Capitol Police responded to a suspicious substance in a package addressed to Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar's office.

"Today our office received a package with a suspicious substance and a threat reading 'The Patriarchy will rise again. Merry f***ing Christmas,'" Omar tweeted. "Everyone on our team is okay. We reported the package to Capitol Police and they determined it to be safe."

Other offices on the same floor as Omar’s in the Longworth House Office Building were directed to shelter in place while the Capitol Police responded, Politico reported .

“On site test of substance was negative for anything hazardous,” the Capitol Police said in a statement. The site was cleared.

Firebrand Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, whom Omar has previously sparred with through statements and tweets , stopped Omar while leaving votes outside the House chamber on Tuesday afternoon to tell her that he was sorry to hear about the incident.

Gaetz’s office is on the same floor as Omar’s. Last week, Gaetz said in a speech on the House floor that he believed someone was trying to kill him and that the Justice Department would not arrest the person.

In telling reporters about what was feared to be a biological attack, Omar said she was concerned about her staff, noting that she is the oldest person in her office.

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