Cicely Davis, the Black conservative Republican is challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar

In Minnesota's highly blue 5th Congressional District, Cicely Davis, a Black conservative Republican, is opposing Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat. When the time comes in 2022, Ms. Davis has a lot to say about her plans to topple a high-profile incumbent.

“I’ve lived in this district — in Minneapolis — long enough to know that there is not a single way to make the case for change among such a diverse population. The conservatives out here are angry at the policies put in place by progressive leaders. They want a fighter and a champion who will stand up for them and push back against the ever-growing list of bad ideas that the more articulate people on the left hope to turn into policies,” Ms. Davis told Inside the Beltway in a statement.

“At the same time, Minnesota has a long independent voting streak. These independents tend not to focus on the minutiae of the daily political back and forth. Those that I meet with regularly tell me that they are politically fatigued and just want the divisiveness to end,” she said.

“An unfortunate reality is that the progressive wing in our district has pushed very hard to get their agenda on the ballot, like the effort to defund the police that will be put before residents this November.”

Cicely Davis, a conservative Republican, is challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, in the state’s very blue 5th District. (Image courtesy of Cicely Davis for Congress)
Cicely Davis, a conservative Republican, is challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, in the state’s very blue 5th District. (Image courtesy of Cicely Davis for Congress)

Local voters will vote on an amendment to the city charter that would "replace" the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety, according to the ballot question.

“On a cultural level, progressives managed to wage a long war without an end in sight. They refer to it as a reckoning but the truth is it’s an effort to rewrite the past and remake our country so that the future resembles some abstract and ever-growing, woke wish list that is as undesirable as it is unattainable,” Ms. Davis observed.

“I see the people of this district as individuals who have a right to think for themselves. I continue to reach out to them and reason with them, to show compassion while also providing a way off the current self-defeating path they are being led down. This is about winning hearts and minds,” she continued.

“I’m running on public safety, educational freedom, economic revitalization, individual liberty and responsibility, and a strong national defense that includes secure borders, among many other issues. This city needs leadership that is invested in its residents as individuals who have their own dreams for themselves and their children. And I believe at the end of the day, come next November, I will have the support of those who wish for something better,” Ms. Davis said.


The work day never ends for U.S. Border Patrol agents. Here a sampling of their recent activities, based on news releases made public on Tuesday alone.

“The incident occurred at approximately 9:25 a.m., when El Centro Station’s Remote Video Surveillance System operators observed a male individual with a small child clinging to his back on a rope ladder atop the 30-foot U.S./Mexico International Boundary Fence. The smuggler was attempting to lower the small child down onto U.S. soil,” the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said in one notable release.

“Agents immediately recognized the dangerous situation created by the human smuggler and decided to wait for the child to be safely on the ground before making their approach. This decision was made out of caution, believing that the smuggler might panic and drop the child, resulting in serious injury or death given the height of the border wall. Just north of the border wall is the All-American Canal, which posed another physical danger to the child,” the agency’s release said.


Let’s consider the Department of Labor’s newest Consumer Price Index, which reveals that the price of “food at home” went up by 1.2% during the month of September — and has increased 4.5% compared to a year ago.

And wouldn’t you know it? Tasty meats are leading the way here. The price of steak has increased by 22.1%, bacon by 19.3%, pork roasts and ribs by 19.2%, chicken by 17.1% and ground beef by 10.6%.

Oh, and the price of peanut butter is up by 10.7%, eggs 12.6% and fresh fish 10.7%.

Well, at least the price of ice cream has risen by less than 1% while cookies are only up by 2.4%. The price of hot dogs has dropped by 1.2%. So there’s that.


59% of U.S. adults disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job; 77% of Republicans, 68% of independents and 41% of Democrats agree.

16% overall neither approve or disapprove of the job Congress is doing; 11% of Republicans, 13% of independents and 23% of Democrats agree.

13% approve of the job Congress is doing; 6% of Republicans, 8% of independents and 27% of Democrats agree.

12% are not sure how they feel about Congress; 7% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 8% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 9-12.

Agents approached the situation to find a 7-year-old girl from El Salvador standing alone some 50 feet north of the U.S.-Mexico border and 2 miles west of the Calexico, California, Port of Entry.

The youngster was transported to the El Centro Sector Processing Center to be medically evaluated and processed accordingly.

“No one, let alone a child of any age or race, should be exposed to the multitude of dangers when crossing illegally into this country. Smugglers will always view children as a commodity to gain a profit, disregarding the safety and well-being of any individual,” said Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino in a statement.

Here’s what else agents have done, according to the aforementioned news items released Tuesday.

They seized $324,000 worth of “fake Chanel earrings” in Memphis, Tennessee, and $314,000 worth of fake designer handbags in Dallas. Agents also apprehended 24 undocumented immigrants and two gang members in Edinburg, Texas; seized $16 million worth of methamphetamine in Pharr, Texas; and rescued an undocumented individual “in distress” in the Mesquite Mountain region of Southwest Arizona. He had been left behind by a group because he had injured his foot.

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