It's a ... ! Pregnant Lauren Scruggs, Jason Kennedy Reveal Sex of 1st Child

Pregnant Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy announced their pregnancy news in September — find out their baby-to-be’s sex

The secret’s out! Pregnant Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy have a baby boy on the way.

The couple shared the news on Wednesday, October 20, with silly Instagram videos. “My wife just said, ‘Give me a break. I’m growing a what?’” the entertainment journalist, 39, asked the Still Lolo author, 33.

When the expectant star replied, “I just grew a penis,” the pair yelled, “It’s a boy. Whoo!”

The parents-to-be had a similar conversation in footage on Scruggs’ account. “Is that what I think it is in there? Is that a penis?” Kennedy asked while touching his partner’s baby bump. She said, “I think so. It’s a boy!”

The social media uploads came one month after the California native shared her pregnancy news via Instagram.

“Jase and I have cherished all of this time so much just the two of us and the three of us with [our dog], bennie bean,” the fashion blogger captioned a September video. “Now we are going to have another little nugget to the fam! Believing the truth that God’s timing is perfect for us to be parents and for this baby to enter the world has made the baby making process incredibly enriching, joyful while challenging at times, fun yet painful at certain moments and has made our marriage even stronger and sweeter!”

Her husband shared an ultrasound video at the time, writing, “We got a [heart]beat. #ivf.”

He and the model went public with their IVF journey in January. Later that same month, they chatted with Katherine Schwarzenegger about not being “super obsessive … or anxious” about conceiving.

“We’ve always wanted [kids], but we feel like we have so much joy in our life as it is,” Scruggs explained to the Gift of Forgiveness author, 31, via Instagram Live. “We’ve been really at peace about it but also being productive in the steps we have to do. We are growing as people individually, we are getting healthier because we want to prep for this pregnancy. There are so many positives. Something is lacking in your life — that might be too harsh — if you’re so freaked out [about conceiving]. What is it that’s making your response so intense?”

Scruggs and the Florida native wed in December 2014 in Texas. Kennedy exclusively told Us Weekly five years later that while they were “trying” to start a family, it was “not easy.”

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