William and Kate's Daughter Princess Charlotte Thinks Unicorns Are 'Real'

Prince William and Duchess Kate are also the parents of sons Prince George and Prince Louis — read more for details

Playing favorites! When it comes to mythical creatures, Prince William and Duchess Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, has a soft spot for unicorns.

The Duke of Cambridge was asked in October 2021 whether unicorns are “real,” and he joked via Instagram Stories that Charlotte would certainly say so.

The comment came after the little one showed her love for the animal on multiple occasions, from bringing a unicorn keychain to her first day of school to sporting a unicorn purse.

The princess is also a fan of spiders. When speaking for the first time on camera with brothers Prince George and Prince Louis, Charlotte asked natural historian David Attenborough: “I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?”

A source exclusively told Us Weekly in July 2019 that Charlotte “is a bit of a tomboy and loves climbing and sports,” adding, “Although Charlotte’s much bossier than George, she looks up to him. They squabble over small things like toys, but the majority of the time they get along.”

She and her siblings have “a blast” playing together, as the source went on to tell Us, “Charlotte’s extremely confident and loves attention, whereas George is more reserved, although he is starting to come out of his shell. George is always looking out for his younger brother and sister and is already showing traits of making an excellent leader. [Louis is] a real mommy’s boy.”

Charlotte is known for being a “real character” for cameras and has previously stuck out her tongue and made silly faces in public.

“Princess Charlotte did [have] some great pictures over the years,” royal photographer Samir Hussein exclusively told Us in May 2020. “Just some great spontaneous moments. I think that’s the thing with kids, you just don’t know what you’re going to get and that makes it really fun to photograph. At the end of the day, they’re just kids and you can’t necessarily ask them to behave in a certain way because it [makes for] some really good spontaneous images. I really love shooting picture s of the royal children when I get the opportunity.”

Keep scrolling to see Charlotte displaying her love of unicorns over the years.

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Riley Cardoza

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