Something to Sing About! Rachel Platten Welcomes 2nd Baby With Kevin Lazan

Rachel Platten and husband Kevin Lazan previously welcomed daughter Violet, now 2, in January 2019 — read more

Rachel Platten Gives Birth Gives Birth at Home
Courtesy of Rachel Platten/Instagram

Round two! Rachel Platten and Kevin Lazan welcomed baby No. 2 on September 9.

“Introducing Sophie Jo Lazan. Born … at home in a water birth after 2.5 grueling days of labor,” Platten wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, September 15. “When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, this amazing, wise little one kept whispering to me ‘we can do this mama, we can do this.’ So I kept going one contraction at a time. I feel like a warrior and I will NEVER doubt my strength again. Thank you Sophie for showing me what I am made of and for completing our family.”

In April, the singer debuted her baby bump with an Instagram mirror selfie. “Here’s the other half of what I’ve been creating this year,” the New York native captioned the social media upload. “Baby No. 2 coming in hot. This was a hard secret to keep.”

LeAnn Rimes commented, “Congrats beauty,” while Jewel wrote, “Woot!”

The following day, Platten gushed about how excited she was to give her “loving, caring” daughter, Violet, 2, a younger sibling.

Rachel Platten Gives Birth, Welcomes 2nd Baby With Husband Kevin Lazan
Rachel Platten and Kevin Lazan. Courtesy of Rachel Platten/Instagram

“I can’t imagine all the love she will have to give,” the “Fight Song” singer captioned the April Instagram post. “She always carries a doll or baby with her, and Kevin and I are amazed and a little amused at how lovingly she attends to them. We didn’t teach her that. Actually, I tried so hard to get her to want to play with my old trains and cars that I LOVED as a toddler that my mom saved, but nope. Babies.”

The You Belong author noted that since her first trimester was “so hard,” she found comfort in giving her “favorite person on Earth” a baby brother or sister.

When Violet arrived in January 2019, Platten gushed via Instagram: “There is so much about this massive love that I want to share but don’t yet know how to. I am sure the words will come soon. For now we are busy falling deeeeply in love (and keeping our heads above water.) Thank YOU all so much for your kindness and support and curiosity and gentleness as I fumbled my way through this crazy brutal amazing journey to get here to motherhood. Wow. I’m a mom.”

The infant’s social media debut came six months after Us Weekly broke the news that the songwriter was expecting her first child with Lazan. Platten subsequently confirmed the news via Instagram, calling her pregnancy “total bliss.”

The Trinity College grad added in the July 2018 reveal: “It’s a total miracle that I’m growing a human and my husband, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. But, I have also had an incredibly difficult spring and summer. I was so afraid that if I shared that part … I’d seem ungrateful somehow when I’m actually crazy full of gratitude. I’m just HUMAN.”

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