Watch 'Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Answer Burning Strategy Questions

Longtime host Julie-Chen Moonves talks to Us Weekly about 'Big Brother' strategies, favorite players and more – watch the exclusive video

How would the Chenbot play Big Brother? Us Weekly caught up with longtime host Julie Chen-Moonves before the season 23 premiere to ask her some burning questions about game strategy.

When it comes to winning the $500,000 at the end, she says it’s all about how “you present on that finale night to the jury.”

“You can’t choke,” The Talk personality adds. “You have to own your mistakes. You have to explain yourself. You have to be quick on your feet. You have to show remorse. You have to show honesty.” It’s something she mentions Big Brother 18 and 19‘s Paul Abrahamian failed to do in both of his final 2 speeches.

As for her favorite winners – “Derrick [Levasseur] is the best in terms of ‘clean game,'” she says, while also mentioning Dr. Will Kirby for “owning his villainous ways” and Rachel Reilly for her “underdog” comeback story.

So does the right person always win Big Brother or can a bitter jury cost players the game? “I don’t think I’ve seen a jury that isn’t bitter,” Chen-Moonves says. “That jury is always bitter. It’s like bitter is synonymous with jury in the Big Brother house.”

What does she think about throwing competitions and floating as a strategy? And which past player would she love to see play again? Watch the video above!

Big Brother 23 premieres on CBS Wednesday, July 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Sharon Tharp

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