'90 Day Fiance' Spinoff 'Love in Paradise' Trailer: Meet the Cast

'Love in Paradise,' a new '90 Day Fiance' story, debuts in July 2021 — meet the new couples and watch the trailer

Another day, another entry in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise! The latest spinoff, Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, promises to be as full of drama as the original — with the bonus of a tropical locale.

“Is the Caribbean truly a lovers’ paradise?” asked a Discovery+ press release on Wednesday, June 16. Judging by the trailer, the answer is apparently no, because these four couples really seem to be going through it.

Aryanna, for example, met Sherlon when she was visiting Jamaica from Illinois, and their brief fling led to a pregnancy. Sherlon runs a tour boat business, but also works at a swingers resort. “Crazy stuff goes on there,” he says of the place where he moonlights.

In the trailer, Aryanna’s friends are less than impressed by Sherlon. “Is this your first child or do you have some more kids with some more tourists?” one asks him. In another scene, he tells Aryanna, who’s come to the Caribbean to see if their romance has a future, that they “made a big mistake” and he won’t “be forced to get married.”

Things also aren’t so rosy with Martine and Steven, who met in Steven’s native Barbados when Martine went there on a cruise three years ago. “Steven is a DJ,” the Miami resident explains in the clip. “There are always people trying to throw themselves at him. I want Steven to give me a reason to trust him.”

Unfortunately for Martine, he’s given her at least one reason not to trust him. “Steven cheated on me once,” she says. “I told him if he ever does that again I will leave him.”

Then there’s Mark and Key, who met in Panama a decade ago. Mark, from Huntington Beach, California, is ready to settle down with the woman he thinks is the love of his life. “I let Key get away once and I’m not gonna let that happen to me again,” he says.

Key, however, has other ideas. “I love you, but don’t rush me,” she tells Mark, who looks truly shocked to find out his plans may be crumbling before his eyes.

Rounding out the group are Amber and Daniel, who met in Costa Rica when Amber was visiting from Seminole, Florida. “My fiancé lives on a tropical island,” she explains. “I need to go down there to make sure this is the man that I want to marry.”

The trailer doesn’t reveal whether or not she figures that out, but the good news is that the show premieres in just over a month.

Love In Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story starts streaming on Discovery+ July 18.

Keep scrolling to meet the four couples the show will follow during its inaugural season:

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