Dan Levy Is Obsessed With This ‘Disturbing’ Skin-Shedding Foot Mask — Watch

Dan Levy, who has partnered with Citi, revealed why he likes to spend his money on a ‘strange’ Japanese skincare product — watch

Ew, David! Some people find tremendous joy in pimple popping videos, others love to pick off nail polish. But Daniel Levy’s guilty pleasure may just be the most icky of them all — a skin-shedding foot mask. 

The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek star first found his peculiar obsession with the treatment during a trip to Japan. 

“Up until very recently, I would take a yearly trip to Japan. And the drugstores in Japan sell everything under the sun,” the actor, who is partnering with Citi to launch their new Custom Cash Card, told Rashida Jones in a behind-the-scenes clip exclusively shared with Us Weekly. 

Dan Levy Is Obsessed With This ‘Disturbing’ Skin-Shedding Foot Mask — Watch
Rashida Jones and Dan Levy. Courtesy of Citi

He continued: “And so, to your point of buying strange and wonderful things at a drugstore, you can really find some stuff at a Japanese drugstore.” 

While he could have scooped up some J-Beauty lotions, toners or even a face mask for his flight home, Levy decided to test something a little more original. 

“I once bought — I don’t know if I should be getting into this — a bag that you put on your foot and it makes all the skin on your foot shed,” he said, embellishing the story with a series of hand motions. 

Dan Levy Is Obsessed With This ‘Disturbing’ Skin-Shedding Foot Mask — Watch
Dan Levy. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Some would find the description disgusting, but not Jones! The Parks and Recreation star exclaimed: “I need that right now!” 

While Jones is excited about the possibility of heels as smooth as a baby’s bottom, Levy had to warn her about what’s to come. 

“It was so disturbing to participate in. It’s just a plastic bag that you put on your foot and within the following weeks, your foot sheds,” he laughed. “So, that’s how I’m spending my money.” 

Thankfully, the gnarly description didn’t scare Jones away. She still thinks the product sounds “awesome.” 

If the skin-shedding treatment strikes your fancy, we have some good news: It’s actually pretty affordable — and you don’t have to fly across the world to get your hands, erm, foot on it! 

Called Baby Foot, the exfoliating peel cost just $25 and is available at retailers like Ulta, Target and Walmart. 

The product, which is formulated with natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize, is “designed to remove unsightly, dead skin cells on your feel that build up over time and can contribute to numerous problems associated with the soles of your feet.” 

All you have do is secure the bag on your foot per Levy’s instructions, wait one hour and wash the gel off with water. Skin will start shedding in approximately three to seven days post application. 

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