Fans Are Swooning Over Harry Styles in a Cop Costume: ‘Arrest Me’

Harry Styles was spotted wearing a ‘50s-inspired cop costume while filming ‘My Policeman’ and Twitter can’t get over his look  — photos 

Grab a tall glass of water, because fans are getting all hot and bothered after swoon-worthy pictures of Harry Styles dressed as very dapper policeman hit the Twitter-verse. 

The 27-year-old singer slipped into character while filming for his new movie, My Policeman, on Friday, May 14. As luck would have it, Styles’ role as Tom Burgess, a gay police officer, requires a 1950s-inspired cop costume that is nothing if not dapper. 

From the second photos from the Brighten-based set were released, fans couldn’t help themselves from obsessing over a uniform-clad Styles. 

And, c’mon can you blame them? From the oversized peaked cap to navy button-up coat, the star certainly proves he can play one good looking cop! 

In fact, Styles rocks the whole policeman look so well, that tweeters are calling for the One Direction alum to whip out some handcuffs and put them behind bars. “Hi, Harry Styles pls do me a favor and arrest me whenever, thanks x,” one fan wrote, sharing images from the set. 

Another excited user chimed in, “MR. HARRY STYLES YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME, PLEASE ARREST ME,” while someone else added, “Omg I’d let him arrest me haha. Am I right girls? A girl can dream huh xxx.”

Thirsty fans were plentiful, but other were more focused on some props on set — including an old-fashioned police box reminiscent of the tardis, a fictional time machine and spacecraft from the Dr. Who series. 

The similarities had fans calling for Styles to star as the next Dr. Who. “Harry Styles is Dr. Who, tell me I’m wrong pls the man has a tardis and can TIME TRAVEL,” a fan wrote. Another chimed in: “Can totally see Harry Styles play Dr. Who in the future with his little bowtie and his sonic screw driver.” 

This is far from the first time fans have fawned over Styles’ attire in the soon-to-be-released film though. Just last week, the actor was spotted wearing the shortest shorts we ever did see! 

While filming a beach scene with costars Emma Corrin, who previously played Princess Diana on The Crown, and David Dawson, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer rocked some itty-bitty blue shorts, which he paired with a white polo and gray sweater vest. 

And between the ocean breeze ever-so-slightly blowing back his hair and his next-level confidence, tweeters couldn’t get enough of the look! 

To see some ~ dreamy ~ snaps of Styles in his cop costume, keep scrolling! 

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