Patricia Heaton: I'm 'Going to Make' My Sons Watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Patricia Heaton exclusively told Us Weekly that her sons have watched ‘Veep’ and ‘The Sopranos’ instead — take a look

Better late than never! Patricia Heaton has a plan for getting her sons to watch Everybody Loves Raymond.

“I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of Raymond,” the actress, 63, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, April 27, while promoting the gifts she designed for the humanitarian organization World Vision. “It’s going to be the longest funeral in recorded history, and they are going to watch it, damn it!”

Patricia Heaton: I'm 'Going to Make' My Sons Watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Doris Roberts, Ray Romano, and Patricia Heaton on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Robert Voets/Hbo/Worldwide Pants Inc/Kobal/Shutterstock

The Ohio native shares Samuel, 27, John, 25, Joseph, 23, and Daniel, 22, with her husband, David Hunt, and told Us that other shows have piqued their interest instead of her own sitcom. “We watched the Sopranos, the whole series, and all of Veep,” the Carol’s Second Act alum said. “So Julia Louis Dreyfus got all of my sons’ attention.”

Heaton previously told Harry Connick Jr. that her children have yet to watch the CBS show, which ran from 1996 to 2005. “They were real little when I was on Raymond, so they weren’t old enough to watch the show,” the Emmy winner, who played Debra Barone, explained during the December 2019 Harry appearance. “So even until this day, they have not watched nine and a half years of Everybody Loves Raymond.”

While her boys have yet to binge the sitcom, they have met cast members since their mom has kept in touch with her former costar Ray Romano and his wife, Anna Romano, over the years.

“We don’t do [cast] group chats necessarily, but we are in communication,” Heaton explained to Us on Tuesday. “Ray does a wonderful job of [keeping us connected.] We have a party every year, a Labor Day party in L.A. that we all come to every year. It’s always rough when we, for some reason, have to cancel it.”

Patricia Heaton: I'm 'Going to Make' My Sons Watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Patricia Heaton. Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

The Middle alum went on to tell Us that raising her boys has been “very simple” in comparison to her friends’ experience with girls. She explained, “Boys are pretty sweet and usually there’s no drama. So I appreciate that about them.”

Samuel, John, Joseph and Daniel, however, could use “a few more life skills,” she joked. “I think we haven’t really trained them that well because you can ask them to do something, and they never seem to be able to find the time. And when they finally get around to attempting to, like, drop something off at FedEx for you, it’s very complicated for them. I don’t know why.”

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