How Pregnant Chelsea Houska Battles Body Insecurity: I Have 'Crying' Moments

Pregnant Chelsea Houska is working to be ‘grateful’ for her body while awaiting baby No. 4 — read more for details

Ups and downs. Pregnant Chelsea Houska sometimes struggles with loving her body.

“I’m gonna be honest, it can be HARD,” the Teen Mom 2 alum, 29, wrote via Instagram on Monday, January 11, when asked about “embracing” her body’s changes in an Instagram Story Q&A. “It’s new, it doesn’t feel like yourself sometimes and it’s not what you’re used to seeing OR feeling (ow my back and vag.)”

The former reality star, who is expecting baby No. 4, went on to write, “Whenever I’m feeling insecure during pregnancy, I TRY to stop and take a minute to remember to be grateful to my body for creating LIFE. Four times for me. That’s an incredible thing! But I 1000 percent have my moments of crying or looking at myself being like, ‘WHOA THESE BOOBS.’ Or, ‘Holy s–t, this belly is huge.’”

Pregnant Chelsea Houska Says Battling Body Insecurity Is Hard
Chelsea Houska Courtesy of Chelsea Houska/Instagram

The South Dakota native added that her boobs “def aren’t where they once were,” noting that she also has stretch marks on her “sides, belly, boobs.” Houska wrote, “Those don’t bother me too much. So soooo common.”

The former MTV personality became a mom in 2009 when she welcomed her daughter Aubree, now 11, with her then-boyfriend, Adam Lind. Houska moved on with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and later gave birth to their son, Watson, 3, and their daughter, Layne, 2.

While awaiting their upcoming arrival, Houska and the traffic control specialist, 32, have been documenting their home build.

Pregnant Chelsea Houska Says Battling Body Insecurity Is Hard
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer Courtesy of Chelsea Houska/Instagram

“Holy crap. We are so excited for this journey,” the 16 and Pregnant alum wrote via Instagram in March 2020. “We don’t know much about building a house, BUT I have been preparing for this for years if you count Pinteresting and allllll the farmhouse Instagram pages I follow.”

She added, “We went into everything having an idea of what we wanted, but we also both had an open mind. There were a couple times we went in to an appointment with a vision and came out with something completely different (and awesome!) Other times we went in knowing what we wanted and got exactly that.”

Pregnant Chelsea Houska Says Battling Body Insecurity Is Hard
Courtesy of Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Seven months later, news broke that she was exiting the Teen Mom franchise after 10 seasons on the MTV show. “Well kids, that’s a wrap. Been a fun run,” her dad, Randy Houska, tweeted in October 2020. “What’s next? Seriously, tho, it has been a part of @ChelseaHouska entire adult life. We all expanded our horizons and grew as people #NoRegrets See y’all on the flip side.”

Chelsea explained in December 2020 that deciding to leave “was not an easy thing.”

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