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Brielle Biermann Lightens Her Hair With Stunningly Subtle Highlights

See Brielle Biermann's hair journey as she goes from blonde to dark brunette — pics

Brielle Biermann is continuing her dark hair color journey with a deep brunette style that we’re obsessed with — and so is she!

On Sunday, September 20, the 23-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share a snap of her latest hue, courtesy of her go-to colorist Chrissy Rasmussen. “Dark haired b–ch and she look like Shego.. (she do),” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

When exclusively speaking with Us Weekly, the Don’t Be Tardy star admitted that she’s absolutely loving her dark hair. “I really don’t miss the blonde at all to be honest,” she told Us on Friday, September 18, while promoting season 8 of the Bravo show. “I don’t miss the blonde; I don’t think about it ever.”

But her hair isn’t the only thing that she’s changed up in the past year. At the start of 2020, she decided to get rid of her lip fillers and embrace a more natural appearance.

“I do look at photos of me from a year ago or like even watching the episodes I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, I look completely different,’” she said. “Dissolving my lips was the best thing I ever did and dyeing my hair brown was like the second-best thing I ever did. I just feel like a whole new person. I definitely don’t know what the f–k I was doing a year ago. I looked a little crazy, now I look a lot better. The glow up is real.”

Keep scrolling to take a look at her stunning hair glow-up.

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Emily Rekstis

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