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Barchie! Riverdale’s Season 5 Trailer Teases Another Love Triangle, More

Riverdale’s new season 5 teaser hinted at a second Betty and Archie make-out, plus another dark mystery is haunting the town — watch the clip

Senior year scandals? The new Riverdale trailer promises death, destruction and another love triangle for the high school seniors.

“Something’s coming and it’s going to hit you like a Mack truck,” Bret (Sean Depner) tells Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) while behind bars, kicking off the ominous teaser, which was released on Wednesday, December 9.

In between glimpses of the Riverdale teens‘ final year of school — including prom prep and fun parties — there are clips of the crew doing “disturbing, violent things” like killing people.

'Riverdale' Season 5 Trailer
The cast of ‘Riverdale’ Kailey Schwerman/The CW

Fans also get a sneak peek at a steamy scene between Betty and Jughead as their romance continues. They aren’t the only ones, however, getting flirty this season.

“Something happened between Betty and Archie,” Veronica (Camila Mendes) says after discovering that the neighbors have hooked up once again.

As she cries in her prom dress, viewers see a clip of longtime pals Betty and Archie (KJ Apa) making out in what appears to be Archie’s garage. The two previously kissed in season 2, which caused Veronica and Jughead to share a smooch in retaliation.

The first part of season 5 will focus on the final days of high school for Archie and his friends. The in-school drama, however, is only part of the story.

Clips of Jughead fighting, Archie with a bloody nose, masked figures out to kill anyone and everyone and Betty grabbing a gun hint at another dark season from the CW series.

“Is everyone having a good time tonight?” Veronica cheekily asks before the teaser ends.

The CW captioned the trailer by noting it will be “one last dance to remember” while Reinhart teased even more drama than seasons past.

“I just have to say…. You guys are in for a wild ride this season,” the Ohio native, 24, tweeted.

Riverdale resumed filming in September following a hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic. While on set, some of the cast shared how shooting has changed with new COVID-19 protocols in place.

“Our new normal is washing our mouths before every take of a make-out scene,” Apa, 23, wrote via Instagram, alongside a video of him and Mendes, 26, gearing up to kiss.

In addition to the last high school moments, the new season will feature a seven-year time jump.

Riverdale returns to the CW on Wednesday, January 20, at 8 p.m. ET.

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