TikTok asks the Trump administration: where is the ban on the app?

The popular video-sharing app has until November 12 to act on its ban. The problem? There has no news from the Trump administration.

The Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok, popularized during the lockdown, filed an appeal in the Washington Court of Appeals to get a better idea of ​​the status of the actions taken against it by the Trump administration.

On August 14, 2020, his publishing company, Bytedance, receives an executive order ultimatum from President Trump giving him 90 days to sell his U.S. assets under pain of a ban - it ends on November 12. The reason for it? the application is accused of siphoning personal information from its users before handing it over to central Chinese authorities, which could therefore constitute a threat to US national security.

However, ByteDance has not heard from the US administration for weeks now. In order to have more time to prove its good faith, the company asked for a period of 30 days (authorized by the decree) but does not know if it was granted. The company also doesn't know what might actually happen if the deadline is exceeded.

"It has been a year since TikTok has engaged with the US administration with the high hopes of responding to concerns about the country's national security, even if we do not agree with this assessment, the statement read. from the company shared by The Verge magazine, we offered detailed solutions to finalize the agreement [with the president] but we have not received any substantial feedback on the framework of our data protection and security. ” This silence would leave the application with no other choice than to go to court.

ByteDance had however agreed in September to sell part of its assets to several American companies, an agreement approved by Trump but not by the Chinese government. A takeover proposal is also being finalized with the company Oracle.

Ban TikTok? The threat has become a reality in India, where Internet users have been deprived of it since June 29. Recall that TikTok brings together 100 million active users per month and 50 million per day in the United States.

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