Trapped in a bad posture by Borat, Rudy Giuliani cries out for political conspiracy

Rudy Giuliani was trapped by Sacha Baron Cohen for the sequel to his film "Borat". Donald Trump's personal lawyer denies any inappropriate behavior.

Lying on the bed, hand in his pants facing a woman, Rudy Giuliani assures him: he was just putting his shirt back on. But the images showing it thus, shot for the sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen's film “Borat”, have nevertheless circulated on social networks. Donald Trump's personal lawyer, a major figure in the entourage of the outgoing president, has been trapped by the British actor, who is resuming his role as Kazakh special envoy. In the sequel to the 2006 feature film, Borat is tasked with bribing someone close to Donald Trump in order to sort out Kazakhstan's affairs. He is accompanied there by his 15-year-old daughter (played by a 24-year-old actress), who interviews Rudy Giuliani for this mock documentary, broadcast from Friday on the Amazon platform.

The scene was shot last July. The "New York Post" then revealed that Rudy Giuliani had called the police after Sacha Baron Cohen had landed "in a pink transgender outfit": "It was a pink bikini, with lace, under a fishnet top, he looked ridiculous. He had his beard, bare legs and was not what I would describe as incredibly attractive, ”said the former mayor of New York, who had responded to the invitation, thinking of responding to a reporter about the event. organization of the White House against the novel coronavirus pandemic. The scene shows Sacha Baron Cohen breaking into the hotel room where Rudy Giuliani and the actress had settled at the end of the interview, after Rudy Giuliani lay down on the bed to put his shirt back on. , defeat because of the microphone, he explained. The actor tells her: “She is 15 years old. She's too old for you. " Faced with this astonishing appearance, Rudy Giuliani asks him why he chose such an outfit: “It's my daughter. Please take me instead. ” "I don't want you," the septuagenarian replied, according to NBC News.

"An attempt to undermine my relentless revelations about Joe Biden's crime and depravity"

On Twitter, Rudy Giuliani defended himself from any inappropriate behavior and shouted at the political scene: “At no time before, during or after the interview, did I have any inappropriate behavior. If Sacha Baron Cohen implies the opposite, he is a real liar. [...] It was an attempt to undermine my incessant revelations on the criminality and the depravity of Joe Biden and his family ”, he accused, a week after having tried to launch, once again, a scandal over Hunter Biden, the eldest son of the Democratic candidate. "We are preparing bigger revelations from the hard drive of hell that Joe Biden will be unable to defend or hide from." I have the evidence ”, continued the lawyer, referring to the laptop which would have belonged to Hunter Biden, entrusted to a repair company, which would contain evidence of corruption denounced by Rudy Giuliani. The latter is convinced that Joe Biden has played on his connections as vice-president and influenced American diplomacy to arrange the affairs of his son, especially in China and Ukraine.


Proof of the importance of Rudy Giuliani to the American president, the “Washington Post” revealed last week that the former mayor of New York had been targeted by Russian intelligence as a potential vector of compromising information against Joe Biden, who 'they are real or false. Despite the warnings of Robert O'Brien, his homeland security adviser, Donald Trump did not distance himself from his personal lawyer, preferring to keep one of his most zealous defenders with him even if he could echoing information provided by an outside power - not unlike accusations of collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russian nationals in 2016.

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