Donald Trump attacks his 'stupid' Republican critics

The president criticized members of the Republican Party who attack him days before the November 3 election.

Lagging behind in the polls, Donald Trump called on Sunday for the unity of Republicans and described as "stupid" those who, in his camp, multiply the criticisms against him just over two weeks before the presidential election November 3.

As in 2016, Donald Trump is carrying out a frantic field campaign with several trips per day. Arriving in Las Vegas on Saturday night, he mingled with hundreds of worshipers Sunday at an evangelical church in the city. He then traveled to Carson City, the capital of Nevada. Donald Trump fiercely attacked Republican Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse, who recently accused him of "licking dictators' asses," mistreating women and using his White House office to promote his business personal.

"We have stupid people" within the Republican Party, launched the president in front of his supporters. "We got this guy, Sasse, you know, trying to make a point ... Republicans have to stay more united," he added.

Joe Biden traveled to Durham, North Carolina. He called on his supporters not to wait until November 3 to vote, especially the African-American electorate on whom he counts to win in this state where he is 2.7 points ahead of his opponent.

"This nation is strong enough to honestly face systemic racism and offer safe streets to families and small businesses which are too often the most affected by looting and fires," he said, paying particular tribute to George Floyd, an African American killed by a white policeman in late May in Minneapolis. His death had sparked riots in the city and a historic wave of anger against racism.

Attacks on Joe Biden

While the two candidates are to meet Thursday in Nashville for the last presidential debate, the Trump camp has intensified its attacks against Mr. Biden in recent days. "Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, and everyone knows it," the billionaire said on Twitter on Sunday. At a rally on Saturday in Michigan, another crucial state for the election, he called Joe Biden a "criminal" who posed "a risk to national security."

He also attacked Democratic state governor Gretchen Whitmer, who imposed severe restrictions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Ms Whitmer was targeted by a far-right group that planned to kidnap and try her for "treason". The individuals were arrested last week before they could complete their project.

"It is incredibly disturbing" that the President "inspires, encourages and incites this kind of domestic terrorism," Gretchen Whitmer commented on NBC Sunday.

"People are frustrated with this governor and it has nothing to do with this attempted attack on her," Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law, said on CNN, assuring that he was doing "absolutely nothing. to get people to threaten "Mrs. Whitmer but that he" was having fun. "

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