US election, Brexit and Twitter: The news of the night

Failing to debate among themselves, Trump and Biden scrape with the public.

At a time when they should have come face to face for their second debate, canceled last week, Donald Trump and Joe Biden each answered questions from voters, during specials on ABC and NBC . Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump has defended tooth and nail his handling of the coronavirus crisis, while Joe Biden assured that the president had "done nothing"; the White House tenant declined to condemn the conspiratorial QAnon movement, while the Democratic candidate declined to say whether he would increase the number of Supreme Court judges if he won. In short, "nothing happened that could change the trend," according to Politico. "So, advantage to Biden."

Brexit: Merkel calls on London and the EU to compromise. As post-Brexit negotiations on economic relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union slip away, the German Chancellor called on the two parties to make “compromises”, as the Twenty-Seven meet at the top and that Boris Johnson is due to address his former European partners on Friday. The most sensitive issues remain fishing and the conditions for British access to the single market. The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, assured Thursday that progress had been made on the fisheries dossier - Europeans want to retain access to British fish-bearing waters - but Emmanuel Macron warned that French fishermen “ cannot be sacrificed by Brexit ”, underlines The Guardian. Barnier said he was determined to work "intensively" to find a deal by the end of October.

Two-hour global outage for Twitter. The social network Twitter experienced an outage of more than two hours Thursday, but it is ruling out the criminal trail, reports The Verge. "We have had problems with our internal systems and have no evidence of a security breach or a computer attack," said the California group. By Thursday evening, the application was gradually returning to normal. The outage came as Twitter came under fire from the Republican camp, outraged that the social network decided to block the sharing of an article based on pirated documents and compromising for Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate.

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