Rihanna expands her inclusive representations to men

She chose a plus size model for her new Savage X Fenty campaign.

In recent years, the fashion industry's injunctions have slowly started to be challenged. Thanks to the body positive movement, brands are choosing more and more models with varied body sizes for their fashion shows or advertising campaigns. If things are moving on the side of women's fashion, plus size male models are struggling to gain acceptance. However, the recent launch of the latest collection from Rihanna's lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, is making a big splash by including XXL model Steven G (real name Green) to showcase the new boxers.

Since the creation of her brand three years ago, Rihanna has wanted to include in her lingerie line models with diverse profiles, whether it be size, origin or gender identity. The brand displays modern and inclusive values.

This month, when Steven G was chosen to present the collection of men's underwear, Savage X Fenty decided not to store the model's photos in a so-called "plus size" section on the site.

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So I first want to say THANK YOU to each and every person who has reached out and especially to those who’ve shared their stories of inspiration. I never would’ve thought my first time ever shirtless on the internet would be with @badgalriri for @savagexfenty. I was EXTREMELY hesitant the moment my agency confirmed but something in me knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I thought this was for me but this is for every guy built with some extra meat, that unbuttons that bottom button when tryna avoid the crease, that has to shop around like crazy cause the sizes for us are already gone but we sauce up a fit and still flex the drip. We here, we are sexy, and we are the wave. And don’t let nobody tell you that you aren’t! Huge thanks to my agency @bridgemodels for everything. They TRULY bridge the gap and know what true representation means. & also the Savage Team! Y’all talents made this so smooth and we’re a pleasure to work with. Production: @scottyvillegas_ 📸: @cindygromero ; Style: @jessicaelisarosales / @kitawita7 ; Grooming: @hkassel / @__oskie__

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Soon the photos of the shirtless model went viral. Many hope that the positive reactions to these shots will mark the start of a successful movement for plus size male models.

Towards an evolution of male beauty standards

According to Green, “The messages the company sends to people in the 'plus size' community undermine our confidence. It is when we reach a size considered decent that it is possible for us to enhance ourselves: this is not normal. "

The model explains that he initially thought it was a joke when he was asked to participate in the new Savage X Fenty campaign. “I contacted my agent several times to verify that they had actually seen me. I even asked if I should send some photos to make sure they wanted me. ” The hardest part for Steven G is finding clothes that fit in men's stores. “I can literally count on one hand the stores that offer a 'plus size' selection,” he says.

The situation is slightly different for plump women. According to Charlotte Griffiths, managing director of model agency Bridge Models, some brands of women's lingerie have been showcasing plus-size models for over thirty years. According to her, "it's only now that we start to see men's bodies being celebrated in the same way."

Green hopes that fashion brands will become more open to the idea of ​​hiring models with different looks and understand that "men in wraps are consumers too."

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