Nancy Pelosi's stylist comes to her defence, saying salon owner authorized the House Speaker's appointment

Nancy Pelosi’s stylist has defended the House Speaker, claiming the salon owner authorized the Democrat’s hair appointment and alleging the owner has been operating during the stay-at-home orders as far back as April.

Jonathan DeNardo, the San Francisco cosmetologist who did Nancy Pelosi’s hair before the city allowed salons to operate indoors, released a statement through his lawyer on Wednesday.

The statement confirmed that DeNardo had provided stylist services to Pelosi at eSalon on August 31 and claimed that salon owner Erica Kious had given permission for the appointment. 

It read: ‘Mr. DeNardo received advance approval from Ms. Kious the day prior to theappointment during a telephone discussion on August 29, 2020 at 9:26 pm, wherein Mr. DeNardo advised Ms.Kious that he would not proceed with Speaker Pelosi’s appointment without Ms. Kious’ authorization. 

‘Ms. Kious took special interest in the appointment during this telephone call, wherein she made several vitriolic andincendiary comments about Speaker Pelosi and her purported responsibility for temporarily suspendingoperations of Ms. Kious’ business, despite such orders actually being put into place not by Speaker Pelosi, but by Governor Gavin Newsome and San Francisco Mayor London Breed. 

‘Ultimately, Ms. Kious authorized Mr. DeNardo to proceed with Speaker Pelosi’s appointment.’

Jonathan DeNardo (pictured), the San Francisco cosmetologist who did Nancy Pelosi’s hair before the city allowed salons to operate indoors, released a statement through his lawyer on Wednesday
Nancy Pelosi’s stylist has defended the House Speaker, claiming salon owner Erica Kious (pictured) authorized the Democrat’s hair appointment

The statement also alleged that Mr DeNardo had proof that Ms Kious had been operating her salon as far back as April, in defiance of the state’s stay-at-home orders. 

‘This office is in possession of photographs, videos and witness information that Ms. Kious, contrary to her priorstatements to the press, has actually been operating her business during the stay-at-home orders and similarexecutive orders limiting in-store operations since as far back as April 2020,’ it read. 

The owner of the salon where Nancy Pelosi was filmed getting a blow dry without a mask in defiance of COVID lockdown rules denied setting the Democrat up. 

Erica Kious, the owner of the e Salon SF, told Tucker Carlson she has received death threats in the wake of exposing the House Speaker’s trip to her business on Monday.

She said: ‘[Pelosi] had called the stylist, or her assistant did, and had made the appointment so the appointment was already booked so there was no way I could have set that up. 

‘And I’ve had a camera system in there for five years, I mean I didn’t go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in and set her up so that’s absolutely false.’ 

Speaker Pelosi said Wednesday that she fell for a ‘set up’ by the salon and added the salon owes her an apology. 

San Francisco beauty parlors weren’t supposed to open until September 1, the day after the speaker had her treatment. Additionally, the California Department of Public Health requires face masks to be worn in public indoor places.

Speaking Wednesday Kious added: ‘For the past six months, we are pretty much done. We have lost at least 60 per cent of our clients, I’ve lost the majority of my staff. So six months is a long time to be closed down. 

‘Just to see her come in, especially her not wearing a mask, that’s what really got to me. This isn’t political, it’s the fact she came in and didn’t have a mask on.

‘If she is in there comfortably then why are we shut down?’ 

Kious, who rents out chairs to different stylists, said since the release of the footage Tuesday evening she has received threats to burn down her salon. 

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